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Impulse // the massage therapist au

In which Andrew is Palmetto’s sports massage therapist and Neil is his unfairly hot client. Feelings are involved.

series: The Foxhole Court, rating: M, pairing: Andrew/Neil, word count:13k, beta by @tallsinspace​ (thank you

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Andrew’s hands – large and calloused with perpetually bruised knuckles – run over Neil’s skin in a way that reminds him of their owner. They’re harsh and unforgiving as Andrew presses into muscles and pulls at joints, but there’s something soft about the way he touches Neil’s scars. Neil finds himself relaxing under Andrew now, lulled into a sense of security by his steadiness.

The Foxes already know that they made it into championships, just barely slipping in as fourth with their shitty scores. Although regular practices are already over, the Christmas banquet not quite as much of a disaster as the fall one, Neil finds himself working just as hard as ever. Kevin is determined to make it as far as possible into the championships.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Neil asks, partly out of guilt for making Andrew come in during the holidays.

Andrew pinches the back of his thigh and Neil yelps. “I didn’t say that it was okay for you to talk.”

A smile curves its way across Neil’s face, not that Andrew can see. “You staying in Columbia?”

“Yeah. Nicky’s coming over for Christmas with his boyfriend,” Andrew finally sighs. He doesn’t bother asking about Neil – it’s pretty obvious that he and Kevin are staying with Abby and playing Exy.

“That’s nice,” Neil says, for lack of anything else to say. Warm hands gently rub at the spot Andrew pinched, almost in apology, and Neil closes his eyes.

“You don’t ever shut up, do you?” Andrew asks. He’s working on the part were Neil’s legs just meet his ass, and Neil can’t remember if it normally feels so nice.

He laughs, the sound muffled by the table. “I thought you liked my smart comments.”

“They make people more likely to murder you, so no. I like having a constant stream of cash flowing in.”

“I swear you smiled during the Christmas banquet.”

Andrew stills for a moment before moving down to Neil’s calves. “I emphasize with Riko Moriyama right now. You’re insufferable,” he says, but Neil can hear the amusement in his tone. He presses into the muscle at the back Neil’s right calf, which often takes the brunt of his playing, and Neil hums in appreciation. Eventually, Andrew moves away.


like scarletamerica is a legit thing in the comics but i’m sitting here waiting for age of ultron knowing that if steve and wanda so much as look at one another i will drop dead like i lost my mind because liz and chris sat next to each other at sdcc and he made sure she didn’t feel left out at the panel but steve and wanda

"It's too bad she won't live, but then again, who does?" Metanarrative and its discontents - 10x21 Dark Dynasty

Obviously, the writers’ and producers’ room wanted to punch us in the gut with Charlie’s death. And clearly, not everyone on the team was happy about it:

There’s also the heavy hint that, maybe, she’ll be back in some form or another. Sam’s line to her in the previous episode, Angel Heart (10x20) “…in this business, death isn’t always goodbye,” is pretty pointed. Robbie T wrote that episode – clearly he was already mourning her with us.

SPN’s creative team does not all pull in the same direction, and I’m willing to bet there was a heated behind scenes discussion about killing Charlie Bradbury.

But - she’s dead.  She didn’t get her happy ending, in Oz or on earth. Instead, she was dumped bloody in a bathtub.

Y’know - I really love the Wayward Daughters spin-off idea. For so many reasons, I’d be delighted to have it on my screen. But I wouldn’t trust the current composition of SPN creatives to handle it right with a barge-pole.

Ever since Metatron’s speech about God (a long-standing established meta-joke stand-in for the writers) in 8x23 Sacrifice, as “…a bit of a sexist. But fair, eminently fair”, I’ve wondered. How self-aware has the collective SPN creative team become?

Because of course, you can’t be “a bit of a sexist” and “eminently fair” – the two are contradictory.

Supernatural is not a show with a feminist consciousness. It will never be a show with a feminist consciousness.  Women characters have always been more expendable than male characters on this show, ever since Mary and Jess bought it as origin-story. The narrative painted Eve and the “Whore of Babylon” as evil and killed them - so far so canon compliant (with Biblical, patriarchal, canon). Of recent uber-antagonists, Naomi and Abaddon are dead, whilst Metatron and Crowley have been left standing, long after. Rowena isn’t going to get a redemption arc; her son has been getting one all season. So yeah, I know which patriarchal show I’m watching*.

*To be clear, patriarchal narrative is a system, an inherited system, which (among other things) gives precedence to the stories of men over the stories of women – both men and women can, and do, support that system, and both men and women can, and do, challenge that system.

Recently, we’ve learned the Men of Letters stole their power from (mostly female) witches, and we had the story of young feminist Suzie, who tried to stand up to the patriarchy (both in her home and by protecting innocents from the MoL Werther spell in The Werther  Project 10x19). She got squished for her troubles, but I wondered. Are they becoming self-aware? And even in this episode, Dark Dynasty, we discover that Mary Shelley tried to expose the Frankenstein family’s dark deeds (an all-male family it would seem) - it’s just that no one would listen to her. Really? Mary Shelley, Mother of Horror, not listened to by the “main-text”? You don’t say…

So, it feels as if maybe there’s been some kind of proto awareness around gender/ history/ narrative struggling to rise to the surface in latter-day SPN. Hell, just last week Dean whaled on a guy for calling Claire a “bitch”.

But then - they killed Charlie.

Charlie, our heroine, our best representation of fandom, our only recurring out queer character.

She died heroically, you might say. She cracked the code to the code and uploaded it to help save the day (if not for herself) and she died fighting.

Yes, but she was found stabbed to death in a bathtub, killed by a dude clearly established earlier in the episode as having an MO for sexual assault. Why? Female bathtub death is such a strong visual call back to Psycho, Hitchcock’s horror psycho-drama, where the girl gets it (as the girl so often does).

She was a woman killed by a sexual predator. She was a lesbian killed by Nazi supporters.

If that’s meta commentary on the Supernatural text <laughs> I sure don’t need it.

Metanarrative (fiction commenting on its own fictionality and hence on the nature of fiction itself, on the nature of “truth” and “reality”) has been very present of late (although its history on Supernatural goes all the way back to the discovery of Carver Edlund’s book series). It is particularly evident in Robbie Thompson’s episodes. Dean’s comment to Castiel, “Should I be here?” in Angel Heart 10x20 can be read as a snarky meta-comment on the fact that Dean and Cas have been kept apart by the narrative for most of S10, for instance.    

So, we can understand Charlie’s death as a meta-comment on the patriarchal SPN narrative (the brother-bond as the very author of female fridge-ing) a reading perhaps supported by the fact the writers have explicitly noted in-text that God is “a bit of a sexist”. But, at a certain point, meta-narrative just becomes narrative.

I don’t care if the narrative is self-aware, if the script doesn’t change.  

The ensemble show which seemed so within our grasp in S8 – a found family including Kevin, Charlie, Krissy, perhaps even Benny, surrounding the Winchesters and bringing diversity to the “two white dudes on the road” mode, just as Baby got herself a parking garage, has melted into air.  

Charlie was our only “Woman of Letters” (given that poor Josie, also a lone exception, got possessed by Abaddon) – the only “good” woman admitted into the order of the male-coded preserve of knowledge. And she died in the service of masculine melodrama (“man pain”).

From a metanarrative perspective, Charlie and Kevin, both minority characters (one lesbian and one POC) were code-breakers who bought it – a comment on the way the SPN text rolls on, unable ever to fully “crack” its own white hetero-patriarchal main-text (particularly pertinent given all the queerness which lives in its subtext).

That’s smart, but it’s like “ironic sexism” - at the end of the day just a snarkier form of plain old sexism.

The darkness in Sam and Dean’s toxic childhood? I didn’t need the yellow brick road stained with the blood of SPN female fandom’s best mirror to tell me that.

Could the show redeem itself? Maybe - if Charlie came back with a flaming angel sword, Dorothy by her side, and smashed all the tablets of God to smithereens (I'm  done with subtle). 

Right now, I’m going to make myself a turducken sandwich, and eat it until I don’t care that I don’t care.  

Peace  out, Charlie B.

Masterlist For Available Characters

This is the list of the characters that will (most likely) be appearing in the Game and whether or not they are still available to claim as far as drawing them for the game. (This list will be updated as characters are claimed. Striked out characters have already been claimed and assigned) 

Main/Date-able characters: 

Arin Hanson 

Dan Avidan 

Suzy Berhow

Brian Wecht 

Ross O’Donovan

Barry Kramer

Holly Conrad 


Minor characters: 

Kevin Abernathy 

Kati Schwartz 

Vernon Shaw 

If you’d like to draw one of these characters send me a message or email at expressing interest in said character and then, if possible, send a drawing of that character.