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Game Grumps Ask Meme
  • Put that in, Barry!: What's your strangest habit?
  • Mycaruba: What's a word you always tend to misspell?
  • Mike Aruba: What are your favorite names?
  • My Car, Roomba: What kind of car do you drive? ((If you don't drive, what kind of car do you want to drive?))
  • Yes, Mr. President: What political party do you tend to lean towards?
  • Wolfjob: Do you laugh at immature jokes?
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG: What's your favorite social media site?
  • MOTHERFUCKING JESSE EISENBERG: What's the most trivial thing you've ever gotten angry about?
  • Come at me scrublord, I'm ripped: Which of the grumps would you fight? ((Arin, Danny, Ross, Suzy, Brian, Barry, Kevin))
  • The D Club: Have you ever been in any clubs/extracurricular groups?
  • Sexy Widdle Baby: What's the most interesting/weirdest nickname you've ever been given?
  • Knurttt: Do you play the Pokemon games? ((If yes, what's your favorite and least favorite game in the main series?))
  • Get the gems, Bentley Bear!: Do you collect anything?
  • We're playing the Feud!: What's your favorite game show?
  • Lose a Turn: How do you react to losing?
  • Batanrangs: What would be your weapon of choice if you had to fight someone?
  • A gentle handy: What's your weirdest talent?
  • NYEH HEH HEH: Can you do any interesting voices/impressions?
  • Hayley Westenra: What music do you listen to when you're trying to relax and unwind?
  • ARIN WINS: Are you competitive?
  • DANNY WINS: What game are you best at?
  • SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN: What is a language you don't currently know that you'd like to learn?
  • Just use Knuckles: Do you like to exploit game glitches?
  • Can't stop, won't stop: What food could you never give up?
  • You say tomato, I say "What are you doing in my house?": Do you have company over often?
  • Actually, it's pronounced _____: Do you intentionally pronounce things wrong?
  • HELENA!!!: Has anyone ever tried to befriend you, but you really don't like them?
  • Hard, Man: What was/is your most challenging subject in school?
  • Ash Man: Are you good at remembering peoples' names?
  • A fine day for mayoring: Do you like being in positions of leadership?
  • The fuck-it adjustment: Do you tend to give up or leave projects unfinished?
  • Come, come my lady: What's the cheesiest pick-up line you know?
  • Pokey Little Flab Biscuit: What are some silly insults you tend to use?
  • Ringo Starr Art: What's your favorite art style? ((It doesn't have to be something you can draw.))
  • WHAT HAPPENED: What confuses you?
  • WHAT IS THIS?: What riles you up?
  • That's some Snow White shit right there: What's something you believed as a kid that you later found out was untrue?
  • IT'S A PUMBLOOM: If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you choose?
  • SANIC DA HORDGEHEG: Do you like any games that others usually think are bad?
  • Rigged as shit: Have you ever been treated unfairly for something completely arbitrary?
  • PACKED with peanuts: Do you have any allergies?
  • Dinkles: What sort of clique or stereotype did you fit in middle school/high school?
YouTube Steven Universe AU

Game Grumps…

  • Arin: Rose Quartz (Gem is located on his right palm; weapon is a bladed shield)
  • Danny: Apatite (Gem is located on his left palm; weapon is a microphone that pulses out soundwaves)
  • Suzy: Amethyst (Gem is located on her back; weapons are a pair of butterfly wings that act as sword-type things)
  • Barry: Citrine (Gem is located on the back of his right hand; weapon is a gun that can hack anything)
  • Ross: Peridot (Gem is located on forehead; weapon is a bladed boomerang)
  • Brian: Jet (wears yellow for his wife. Gem is located on his stomach; weapon is a pair of nunchucks)
  • Holly: Creamrose Pearl (Gem is located on her forehead; weapon is a rapier)
  • Kevin (Shattered): Aquamarine (Gem was located on his back; weapon was a sword)
  • Jon (Shattered): Tanzanite (Gem was located on his left palm; weapon was an arm cannon)
  • Matt: Star Ruby (Gem is located on his right shoulder; weapon is a single gauntlet)
  • Ryan: Aquamarine (Gem is located on his left shoulder; weapon is a laser gun)

Jacksepticeye & Friends…

  • Jack: Emerald (Gem is located on his right forearm, like where his tattoo is; weapon is a hammer)
  • Signe: Grey Star Sapphire (Gem is located on her forehead; weapon is a graphics pen that can create whatever she wants)
  • Robin: White Sapphire (Gem is located on the back of his left hand; weapon is a baseball bat)
  • Anti (Corrupted): Green Tourmaline (Gem is located on his neck; weapon is supposedly a large butcher knife)


  • Mark: Pink Spinel (Gem is located on his stomach; weapon is a katana)
  • Ethan: Paraiba Tourmaline (Gem is located on his left ear; weapon is a microphone that controls a fighting robot)
  • Amy: Morganite (Gem is located on her forehead; weapon is unknown)
  • Kathryn: Iolite (Gem is located on her chest; weapon is unknown)
  • Tyler: Gray Spinel (Gem is located on his chest; weapon is the ability to turn his fists into ones made of stone)
  • Chica (Cracked): Topaz (Gem is located on her stomach; no weapon)
  • Dark (Fusion/Corrupted): Garnet (Gem is located on both his palms; weapon is unknown)
  • Wilford (Corrupted): Pink Topaz (Gem is located on his chest; weapon is supposedly a gun)

Dan: Obsidian (Gem is located on his stomach; weapon is unknown)

Phil: Moonstone (Gem is located on the back of his right hand; weapon is unknown)


Game Grumps Fusions…

  • Purple Alexandrite (Arin + Danny)
  • Dragon Veins Agate (Arin + Suzy)
  • Rosewater Opal (Suzy + Holly)
  • Purple Tanzanite (Arin + Jon)
  • Zoisite (Ross + Holly)
  • Pietersite (Matt + Ryan)
  • Fire Obsidian (Starbomb)
  • Ceylon Sapphire (Ninja Sex Party)

Jacksepticeye & Friends Fusions…

  • Seraphinite (Jack + Signe)
  • Green Calcite (Jack + Robin)
  • White Howlite (Signe + Robin)
  • Tree Agate (Jack + Signe + Robin)

Teamiplier Fusions…

  • Padparadscha Sapphire (Mark + Amy)
  • Pink Danburite (Mark + Tyler)
  • Teal and Magenta Doublet Quartz (Mark + Ethan)
  • Blue Lace Agate (Ethan + Tyler)
  • Azotic Topaz (Amy + Kathryn)

Dumortierite (Dan + Phil)