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We played ourselves thinking Dom had the temptation. We all thought Alex was a badass girl who did’t need no man. We played ourselves week 1 thinking everything was going amazing. We played ourselves thinking Jessica would target Paul. We played ourselves thinking Kevin was gonna be the next Donny. We played ourselves thinking Paul would go in the double eviction. We played ourselves thinking Mark was a “nice guy” This season? Is truly so darksided.

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On and came across this picture. It has the 3 most recent evictees (Dom, Ramses, Jessica). And the next evicted houseguests in the following order: Mark, Christmas, Paul, Jason and Alex. Which means the Final 5 will consist of Josh, Kevin, Matt, Raven and Cody. Wow I can’t believe I cracked this

Dom said she’d think about doing another BB season and Survivor if asked. She and Mark planned on doing Amazing Race together if asked but she isn’t sure if that’s still something she can count on.

She basically dedicated Lies and Deceit to Paul. She said she wants him to be evicted prejury.

Dom said Raven’s cooking is decent. Her team told her not to say much about her.

She hopes she was wrong about Elena.

She met Cody before they were in the house so while sequestered. She said her intuition about him was right as in he’d said things that could make/made people uncomfortable but wouldn’t say much else.

She’s thinking about doing vlogs on YouTube and wants to keep doing live streams because she loves talking to her Dominators. She can’t add anymore FaceBook friends though.

A surprise was waiting for her when she got home. She can’t say who or what yet though.

Dom called Christmas out on not talking to her when she presented the moment then later complaining that Dom wouldn’t talk to her.

She’s seen the black face video.

Mark kept complimenting Dom on her smile, skin, and hair when he met her. She said she wouldn’t date anyone who was spoken for when ask if she would date Mark.

Kevin tried to talk game with Dom before the feeds but she sort of shied away from it because she was advised by her friends prior to going in the house to not talk game. She thought he’d be a good friend to her and still think he’s a good person. She never thought he won the money but later clocked his tactics to avoid being caught in a lie like looking straight ahead instead of directly at anyone.

BB19 First Impressions Thread - no particular order!

1. Christmas Abbott

- so fricken cute

-hopefully alight w/ females

-WILL be a bad ass competitor 

2. Matthew Clines



-dad vibes (idk help me)

-jeff & him look like brothers hehe

3. Dominique Cooper

-intelligent, talented

-smile lights up my world

-could listen to her talk all day

-facial expressions = great gifs

-excited to see her DOMINATE this summer

4. Elena Davis

-hopefully entertaining for america


-not sure bout her tho // i’m sorry :( 

5. Jason Dent


-rodeo clown

-can’t listen to him talk cuz i wanna punch my face in

-needs to get off show before it even starts 

6. Jessica Graf

-hot as fuck


-boy crazy :\

-clever tho

-scared she’ll open her mouth and it’ll ruin her

-mark & her WILL have a showmance

7. Cameron Heard

-thinks he’ll be the smartest in the house

-less socially awkward than people in his archetype

-thinks he’s better than ian???? bye sweets. 

8. Mark Jansen

-teddy bear

-comes off as buff but we all know that’s not even true

-will have showmance with jess 

-give him a chance people

9. Megan Lowder

-dragged RATCOLE so i’m a fan

-loves ika

-ready to lie & backstab (hehehe) 

-wants to kick ppl out who are just looking for fame

10. Josh Martinez

-family guy


-knows what’s up

-excited for him

11. Cody Nickson

-WANT to see him cry 

-hopefully doesn’t go after girls


-a legit PSYCHO!!! 10/10 dangerous.

12. Alex Ow

-didn’t know she was in diary room?

-won’t be good @ competitions, but will be funny to laugh at

-wants to build alliance w/ guys

-have a feeling she’ll be evicted 3rd

-has a personality

-didn’t know who Jeff was????

13. Jillian Parker

-voice is so f’n annoying

-says “yeah” too much

-hopefully FIRST to be evicted


-wants to snitch on the girls??? get her outta here

14. Kevin Schlehuber

-such a cool ass dad

-stan him so hard omfg —- will probably be the most loyal

-i wanna be friends

-confuses Jeff so i love him

-has a cool calm to him

-PURE soul

-can dunk

15. Ramses Soto

-”i’m not black, I’m dominican” … ???? huh

-MF superfan


-loves Dan and Ika so i luv him

-bubbly, and a cutie pie

16. Raven Walton


-should give her a chance??

-frankie fan :(

-her stans will make me irritated & not like her hehe… we’ll see

UNTIL next time America, see you all on the 28th!