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Your blog is simply amazing. I've read all of your prompts and godd I didn't think I could love this pairing more but you've made it possible. I was wondering though. Could you write a fic where they don't know what personal space is.. like they're always graviting towards each other but don't realize it until several people point it out. You would make my day like you did today and put so many smiles on my face and I felt really giddy. Love your work so much 💕

Hey, you’re awesome! Thanks so much love! I love this prompt, I could totally see it happening on the show.


Reaching over to grab a handful of chips out of Betty’s lunch box, Jughead threw his arm over her shoulder, effectively dragging her even tighter against his side.

Kevin elbowed Veronica in the ribs, causing her to turn and raise an eyebrow in annoyance, dramatically throwing his eyes over to the pair he made some sort of quiet noise along the lines of “mmmhmm”

Veronica’s eyes widened at The sight in front of her, Betty leaning into Jughead while his arm was wrapped lazily around her. To anyone else in the world you would think these two were a couple, the level of comfort and intimacy They shared was unbelievable, they didn’t even seem to realize the closeness continuing with their conversations as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Strike two.” Kevin whispered into Veronica’s ear with a wicked smile. She returned it and quickly sent a text to the redhead sitting across from her.

VERONICA: Cheryl, you seeing this?

Cheryl’s eyes turned up from the text on her phone, casting a glance to Betty and jughead

CHERYL: this is totes nothing compared to the walk to physics class.

Veronica laughed out loud remembering the hilarious scene she had watched take place.

Betty and jughead couldn’t seem to stop tripping over each other, every time Betty would move right Jughead was right on her heels, stepping on the backs of her flats, if jughead moved to head the opposite way Betty just so happened to be going the other direction causing at least three collisions in the middle of the halls.

She was silently laughing so hard at the memory tears were streaming down her face.

“You okay Ronnie?” Archie said eyeing her watery eyes and reaching a hand out to wipe a stray tear.

“You’re crying!” Betty jumped up knocking jugheads arm right in his face , causing her to break into another fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m just having….spacial issues.” At this she set off Cheryl and Kevin, they were now laughing equally as hard she was.

“Did I miss the joke?” Jughead said confused

Betty raised an eyebrow as the lunch bell went off “apparently I missed it too.”

Everyone stood to head back inside, feeling slightly high from there five minute long laugh fest

“You guys are so weird.” Betty huffed as she grabbed her bag.

Jughead just shook his head, nudging Betty over so he could walk beside her.

As the group walked to their final class of the day, one of the mathletes accidentally shoved Betty into jugheads arms

“Watch where you’re going! I’m sure solving derivatives can wait.” He snarled towards the tiny freshman.“you okay?” he asked, his arms still comfortably holding her from behind

She nodded, resting her head against his chest.

Veronica stared at the pair, looking around at her swooning friends, she had to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay what’s up with you two, it’s like you can’t be apart for more than three minutes and it’s like gravity keeps pushing you two into each other.” She said sassily

Jughead dropped his arms from her waist and Betty stepped away blushing.

“What are you talking about Ronnie?”

“Oh come on guys, everyone can see it except you two, you’re like destined to be close.” Cheryl answered giddily, she loved a good romance.

“Totally agree, like Romeo and Juliet.” Kevin nodded.

Archie laughed “its totally true, I haven’t seen one of you without the other in weeks.”

Jughead was smiling down at Betty now and she looked up at him with a curious smile

“Whaddaya say bets? We can’t let the universe down can we?” He smirked holding his arm out for her to take.

She laughed loudly, sliding her arm into his.

“You’re so right juggie, physics and all that.” Smiling and holding each other close the couple made their way down the hallway, leaving their friends to stare in shock

The silence was broken when Archie mutter d happily

“I ship it.”

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Let's not forget that Chris must also be fucking Lea Michele since they were seen at a couple of HW parties! Omg! Are Chris Darren and Lea a secret threesome??!! Iknew it, all those selfies with Groff are just PR!!!!!!

Ask 2:  LOOOOL Is Chris secretly dating Kevin too? I mean, they sat next to each other at a recent BD party! Secret sign of Twu Wuv!!! Let it be known that if two Glee guys bump into each other at a party for a third Glee guy and lead singer for a legendary rock band, they’re totes fucking!!!!


To be honest this makes absolutely no sense and you just sound ignorant. Chris and Lea have not actively avoided each other for 2 years. Nor have Chris and Kevin. Not even remotely comparable.  

Please go back to your corner and enjoy the PR provided to you on the daily.  

Note: I was at the concert in Mansfield MA on July 12! And this will most likely be broken into two separate posts due to the length of it

Pt 1: Meet and Greet

The concert was at the xfinity center which has a pretty big stage and seats 12,000 people (I think??). Doors opened at 3:30 for meet and greet people, and 6 o’clock for normal tickets. We got there right at 3:30 and were some of the first people to arrive and park. We waited in line to check in for probably 10 minutes, then signed our waivers. They gave us our VIP passes which are sleek/laminated on one side and a hologram on the other with the picture where they all look the same height. We were allowed through the gates after that but had to wait a little once inside. While we waited we were introduced to the VIP host and the photographer, who were both really nice. The photographers name was Nathan and the hosts name was Stix. (Side note: you know the guy in Scott’s snapchat that was diving into their bunks with him and Kirstie? Ok well ya, that’s Stix. More on him later in this thing). We were told that the meet and greet would start at 4 and boy were they prompt and on schedule.

They walked us towards this little backstage part that was still outside and we all waited in line until they came out. It was super hot in line because there wasn’t too much shade and it was like 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. There were two kids, probably like 16 or 17 years old, in front of me in line and they were so nice and so excited to be there. The boy was like freaking out but in the funniest was possible. Nathan, having never been around pentaholics before, was like “When they come out to meet you guys get super excited and clap or something. Make them feel welcome”. That was the plan anyway, Nathan.

They came out of one of the side doors and there was like an audible gasp among everyone in line before we all started cheering. Ok and SOS they came out with Esther in tow too (sis, she’s so pretty and im officially an Esther stan). Like always, they were all wearing pants and long sleeves despite the heat but they looked so good. The kid in front of me was practically crying at this point.

Anyway, they started moving us through the line to get our picture with them and it was going pretty quick. At this point I had said “im sweating” a solid 25 times both because it was hot and because hot damn Pentatonix was all of 10 feet away from me. The boy in front of me went to get his picture taken and Scott was like “oh my god you look so much like Mitch! You could be twins!”. I have to admit, they did look very similar. At last it was my turn!!

I like half ran half walked over to them and slid in between Scott and Mitch. I was kinda star struck at this point so I meekly asked Scott if we could do a group hug (hence why in my picture Avi and Kirstie look like they have no clue what’s happening). I wrapped my arms around Scott and he leaned down to hug me too (he’s like 6ft tall and im 5’1). Mitch got in the hug and I could see his Aphex Twins tattoo so I like quickly whispered to him “I love your tattoos” and he was like “aww thanks”. The picture itself is so funny because Kevins hand is like nicely resting on Mitch’s back, Scott’s leaning down SO much to hug me, Kirstie is practically hugging Scott’s back and AVIS HAND IS RESTING SO DELICATELY ON SCOTTS ARM which makes it hilarious!! We pulled away and Scott, being the sweet 5 year old he is was like “nice to meet you!”. I took my tote bag gift thingamabob and went to the back of the line to wait for signing. Not going to lie, I was kinda shaking. I talked with the kids in front of me for a while for we waited and we fangirled over how cute Kirstie is and how muscular Kevin is.

My mom and I decided that I would have them sign my poster and her VIP pass (which I took after the meet and greet). The boy in front of us went up to the table and Mitch was like “Oh my god I love that shirt, where did you get it?!”. His face just lit up and it was so cute to watch. Anyway, Kevin was the first in the line so I slid my poster in front of him and we started talking. HE IS HONESTLY THE SWEETEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. He asked me questions like “What’s your name?” and “How’s it going?”, and overall was just an angel. Then we slid over to Mitch and OH MY GOD I HAVE NO WORDS. HE IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Like obviously I knew he was pretty but pictures do not come even close to doing this boy justice. His speaking voice is like smooth and flowy and bubbly. He started signing my poster and I noticed/remembered his nails and the black polish. I complimented them and he was like “Thank you! I love your glasses!” (note; yes he is as exuberant as I am making him out to be). I laughed and said that I kept getting finger prints and smudges all over them from covering my face out of excitement and he was like “story of my life sis”. I then moved to Scott and let me tell you, he is a large child. He was like “Hey! How are you?” and we made small talk as he signed my poster. Then he looked up and was like “I love your glasses” and I just started laughing. I told him that Mitch had complimented them like 5 seconds before. He looked at Mitch with a smile and was like “Well, great minds thing alike”. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT! I went to Kirstie next and she is so cute and sweet and small but a literal Disney princess. Her makeup was PERFECT and her nails were painted a hot pink that I complimented. My mom asked her how tall she was and she was like “I’m 5’3 but I like to lie and say I’m 5’4”. We started laughing and talking about the pros and cons of being so short before I moved to Avi. Avi was definitely the most reserved of all of them and we just made small talk about how warm it was outside while he signed my poster. SOS I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO HIM SO I JUST TOLD HIM TO HAVE A GOOD DAY.

After the meet and greet we waited in like a smaller part of the park with the other meet and greet people. I met up with the two kids standing in front of me in line and Mitch had signed his poster “To my twin <3” which I’m pretty sure made this kid’s year. They had the merch tables open but it was just the normal stuff they sell at their concerts (stuff I already have) so I didn’t buy anything. It was only like 4:45 at this point and the gates didn’t open to the public till 6 so we had a lot of time. We got to listen to Kelly and PTX’s soundchecks (which sounded amazing) during that time because its an open air theatre. During this time Stix and Nathan came over and were talking with a group of us. Stix started telling us about all the bands he had been on tour with (including Van Halen, One Direction, and Maroon 5). He went on to start telling a story about how the night before he and Scott and Kirstie had all been trying to jump into the top bunks. Half of us quickly interject that we had seen it because Scott had it on his snap story. He was like “Wait really! He snapchatted that!?” and I opened snapchat and showed him it. He started laughing and said he didn’t know he was being video taped. Afterwards he came over to me and we started talking about touring. He said that Maroon 5 has almost no body guards and that they’re super chill while each person in 1D has a body guard and then one to over see all of them. He jokingly complained about how 1D never was ready for meet and greets because they were too busy joking around. He said that PTX was super chill and that they joke around but are usually ready on time. (He is also in a band called Shiny Penny so check them out!!)

At 6 oclock exactly they opened the doors to the public and we could take our seats at 6:30.