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Kevin & Charlie revival ideas

It’s been a while since I’ve done a text post. Have fun.

I know a ton of us love Charlie and Kevin and if they DO ever bring them back, these are my ideas on how to do it. I’m sick and tired of “oh, so-and-so brought him back horray!” Why can’t we have something creative? These are my personal ideas.

So in the episode, Sam and Dean end their hunt and go back to a place to find the impala gone. Similar to when Bela stole it, Dean has a panic attack, Sam tries to console him, etc. They take an Uber back to the bunker and to their surprise, the impala is parked outside. They walk in to see freakin Osric Chau in leather with his feet in the table dangling the keys like, “miss me?” (They forgot to turn on the warding btw) Sam and Dean are like- Kevin?! How are you back?! And his eyes flash black and he laughs.

Basically- Demon!Kevin. But how can this happen? Well since Lucifer was in Sammy’s body back in S5, he left some evil grace (just a tad) and when Gadreel took over his body, it mingled. Heavenly and Demonly(?) and Unearthly grace together isn’t the best combination. When Gadreel killed Kevin, it sent one body to heaven, one body to hell, and one body to be a ghost on earth. This also happened to Castiel, when he took over Jimmy’s mortal body and when Lucifer took over his body as well as Crowley. It’s an open storyline. @osrictumbles check this out, lol. (Low key trying to get it canon)

So, you all know when Charlie went to Oz. Sam and Dean are in the bunker when they smell smoke. They go outside to see some oddly dressed people (two people) making a fire where they had burned Charlie’s body. They do their little jig- Woah, woah! Who are you and what are you doing?! And that’s when they stop to see Charlie rise from the flames (like a Phoenix bitches!!) and the ash of her dead body comes from the earth to piece her back together. Those people turn out to be munchkins or some Oz thing. I don’t know that movie very well. (Felicia will look so awesome in this though)

How did this happen? Welllllll…. news of Charlie’s death was heard in the kingdom when her red heels began to glow in Oz. (Not the best story, sorry.) The wizard sent two munchkins through the portal in the bunker with the shoes to find where she had been burned. (They stop glowing when they find her) they use some munchkin magic or something to bring her back. Great right? Nope. This only allows her to be in the real world for a certain amount of time before she has to return to Oz. It gives an episode or two for Sam/Dean to figure out a way to keep her here. @thisfeliciaday check ittttt.

Those are my stories, don’t use them for any fics please :) All of these are my original idea except the concept of demon!kevin was from a post I saw (not the “how” though). Hope you guys enjoyed. Cheers to anyone who read the whole thing. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

listen to me i know dean and cas are already disgustingly in love but do you ever think of all the implied canon scenes we didn’t get to see

hear me out

  • dean explaining personal space to cas
  • dean taking a pic of cas to put on his fake badge
  • all their phone calls when it’s probably late at night but cas doesn’t realise dean is probably asleep and dean still picks up with his voice all sleepy and cute
  • cas showing up naked and covered in bees while dean drives
  • the ride home after they get the impala back in season 7 and dean has told cas he’d rather have him
  • dean praying to cas in purgatory (every night)
  • dean bringing cas all bruised into the bunker after he finds him in 8x21
  • “where to cas?” SUDDENLY IT’S MORNING GUESS WHERE WE’VE BEEN ALL NIGHT OH OH OH WHO KNOWS aka the fanfiction gap of “heaven can wait”
  • dean calling cas after kevin’s death and asking him to come to the bunker
  • what happened after their cute date at the restaurant?????
  • shopping at hot topic

come cry with me children

50 Songs INFPs Relate To pt 2

and so back by… semi-popular demand, here is yet another list of 50 songs various INFPs relate to for your viewing/listening pleasure.

1. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

2. Radiohead - Creep

3. R.E.M - Losing My Religion

4. Kevin Gilbert - Tea For One

5. Carl Espen - Silent Storm

6. Globus - Save Me

7. Two Steps From Hell - Back To The Earth

8. Aviators - Zero

9. Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss

10. Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

11. Anberlin - Stranger Ways

12. Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

13. MGMT - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

14. Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale - Shatter Me

15. Soul Asylum - Runway Train

16. Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?

17. Jah Cure - Mother Earth

18. Rush - Limelight

19. Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed

20. Joni Michell - River

21. Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

22. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power In The Blood

23. Onuka - Time

24. Alexander Rybak - Roll With The Wind

25. The Hound + The Fox (feat. Taylor Davis) - For the Dancing and the Dreaming (Cover)

26. The xx - VCR

27. Daughter - Human

28. Watsky - Sloppy Seconds

29. Tori Amos - Winter

30. THE HARDKISS - Shadows Of Time

31. Radical Face- The Crooked Kind

32. Avicii - Waiting For Love

33. Peter Gabriel - Washing Of The Water

34. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

35. David Grey - Please Forgive Me

36. Cloud Cult - No One Said That It Would Be Easy

37. The Doors - People Are Strange

38. Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

39. The Cure - Pictures Of You

40. Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People

41. Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere and It’s Now

42. Death Cab For Cutie - Your Heart is an Empty Room

43. The Shins - Sleeping Lessons

44. Ayreon - River Of Time

45. Shawn Colvin- Whole New You

46. Mew - Special

47. John Grant - Glacier

48. Virginia To Vegas - We Are Stars ft Alyssa Reid

49. Midlake - Head Home

50. Owl City - Shooting Star

And they still sound like INFP type songs… but that’s to be expected with a title like this one. Besides I haven’t seen any one else of another type pick this sort of thing up for their types ;)

Maybe I should give them a hand… and start creating playlists for other types… we’ll see.

Way of the World- part  6

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 2143

Characters: Dean x soulmate!reader, Sam, Kevin.

Warnings: nightmares, memories of violence, mentions of abusive relationship (not with reader) and murder, cliffhanger.

Summary: At the bunker, the reader begins to reflect on her past, and then Sam works something out.

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

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Dean and Sam’s home was…not what you were expecting.

Dean did his best to explain it to you as the Impala sped down the highway. He kept glancing into the back mirror more than he probably should have done as he told you about his and Sam’s childhood on the road. They had never had a permanent home of their own until they found this place, some kind of secure bunker that had been used by a group called the Men of Letters.

They warned you that it wasn’t exactly a conventional home, but you hadn’t expected dungeons and medical wings. You got the feeling that if you spent days exploring the bunker, you still wouldn’t find every room in it, and neither did you particularly want to.

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why does kevin stand like this when he’s modeling something. instead of standing like a normal human being with his fingers on the front of his torso and the thumb wrapping around the back, he takes that weird effort to curl his arms around so that his thumbs are in the front. then his like chest goes forward and his butt swings out to the side and i’m probably the only one wondering about this but why. why does he do that


A few weeks back i set about animating to a section of Kevin Parker’s, The Less I know the better off his latest Tame Impala album, Currents. This was pretty dam fun to make! get around it :)

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