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“They were the beats of my heart, the skin of my body, the breath that entered my mouth and nostrils. They were the beautiful friends who had taught me that love was the life-force.”

So I love the TV adaptation of TWTWB, and I love Corrie, and I love Madeleine Madden playing Corrie.

What I don’t love is the seriously unfortunate implications of the major Aboriginal character being the first to be killed off, because damn, black women are commonly treated as disposable in narratives - just look at Sleepy Hollow, killing off Abbie Mills - the main character - in order to further the white male lead’s story.

So I have a possibly contentious alternative, and yes, it’ll be a departure from the books - but then, making Chris Fi’s brother is a departure from the books, so that ship has already sailed, quite frankly!

So, here’s an idea.

Kill off Kevin instead.

(Reasoning - and spoilers for the series - behind the cut! Also, discussion and representation for LGBTQ+ characters.)

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The slow motion rugby tackle was one of my favourite moments of the film. Did you get this shot in one take?

No, we did about 20 takes of that! It was kind of crazy but I wanted the ball to kind of hang there for a second after they went and then drop and it took 20 takes before it did that. I just had that image in my head but poor Deniz, he got crash tackled 20 times by Wally Lewis’ son (yeah, Lincoln’s dad is a big rugby league footballer) and flying tackles every time too, they hit really hard, none of that was fake. You can see it in the slow motion; you can tell that he’s really hitting him hard.


There was a time when I’d thought Kevin was a bit weak, but now I’d shown everybody my own weakness, so I couldn’t criticise him. Anyway, surely the bigger the fear the greater the courage? What I mean is, if you’re never scared, doing brave things isn’t that impressive, but Kevin was scared a lot of the time and still did brave things, so doesn’t that make him an even bigger hero?