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Fool’s day in 王子様プロポースEternal kiss was so cute

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new york fashion week : men’s, s/s 2016, cadet, the line up

show date JULY 13, 2015


casting BRENT CHUA

with from top left KEVIN SAMPAIO & JONATHAN SAMPAIO, both @ wilhelmina, MITCHELL SLAGGERT & DMITRY BRYLEV, both @ dna, TAYLOR ASHMORE @ ford, FRANCESCO BRUNETTI @ one.1, DANIEL O’BRIEN @ wilhelmina, BRETT L @ request/click, ISHA BLAAKER @ soul, ADRYAN HANSON @ major, WILLIAM M @ wilhelmina, HENRY WATKINS @ soul, SCOTT WALHOVD @ wilhelmina, VEIT COUTURIER & CHAD WHITE, both @ soul

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What would be a good Destiel love child name? I like James Robert Winchester. (James for Jimmy Novak, and Robert for Bobby.)

Hmm, I think Dean would definitely vy for family names, Robert, Henry or Kevin for a boy. Mary, Jodi, or Charlie for a girl. Castiel would find these beautifully obscure angelic names.

Cas: What are your thoughts on Jegudiel?

Dean What is that? Some kind of cheese?

Cas: It’s a name. For the baby. 

Dean: … Is that supposed to be for a boy or a girl?

Cas: Well, angels are genderless, so it could be either I suppose.  

Dean: Cas, when I said we’d pick out names together. I was thinking one that wouldn’t get our kid’s ass kicked half way across the playground.

Cas: What’s wrong with Jegudiel? He was a very good angel. He was the Angel of Responsibility and Merciful Love. Aren’t those qualities you want in our child?

Dean: Yes, but… I mean, there are millions of angels. One of them has to have a semi-normal name. Let’s not be those parents, Cas.

Cas: *Sigh* I suppose.

Dean: What if start fresh and just pick names that neither of us has any connection to like… Nathanial.

Cas: No, that was the Angel of Fire… I hated that asshole.  


This is vengeance. This is art. This is Batman.


Be My Princess Season 2 - All Seven Routes [Princess’s Morning Kiss~ Secretly Living with the Prince Event] Jpn GREE

「You really helped by having the same opinions as me」- Henry

「……when I thought that something happened to you…… I was really scared」- Sieg

「……this, isn’t it delicious? You try it too, here……open your mouth」- Kuon

「I want to hold onto happiness quickly with you」- Oliver

「I’ll tell how nasty it is」- Kevin

「What did you say?」- Maximilien

「Is it delicious?…… What a relief」- Ivan

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Cast (so far)

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu)

Nicholas Young (Henry Golding)

Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh)

Astrid Leong [Teo] (Gemma Chan)

Best friends Don Henry and Kevin Ives did everything together. They went to school together and hung out with each other almost every day. Tragically, their lives were cut short when they died together too. The driver of a 6000-ton cargo train noticed two bodies lying vertically side by side on the train-tracks. He sounded his horn, but it was too late. The boys were ran over by the train and seemingly died instantly.

What looked like a suicide or an accident, turned into a frustrating mystery. The boys were lying with a rifle in between them and were wrapped up in tarp. There were no gunshot wounds found, ruling out a murder suicide. The coroner later stated that the friends had smoked 20 joints and fell asleep on the tracks, ruling the death as accidental. However, the families didn’t buy it and demanded a second autopsy. This second post-mortem uncovered a more disturbing truth: One of the boys was already dead by the time the train hit him, the other was unconscious. Don had several deep stab wounds in his chest and had bled to death. The cause of death was changed from accidental to probable homicide. After working on the case, a detective discovered that an almost identical case happened in 1984, in Oklahoma –,two young men were found lying on railroad tracks, positioned almost identically to the boys and ran over with a train. Both cases remain a mystery, and it’s likely the killer is still alive and living freely.