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I just watched Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle, a week ago and I’m in love with the movie so I decided to draw this illustration

I was inspired by this dialogue 
Dr. Smolder Bravestone: Get on my back!
Moose Finbar: I would rather die.
※ cut to Bravestone carrying Moose on his back ※

the movie was so funny and awesome, it cheers me up! 

After Naruto Manga Chapter 700… 

I made a Fan movie to celebrate..! I am not too nerd about the Naruto Anime or manga.. but This manga was my very first shounen manga that I seen.. and it It surly inspired my my all childhood now I saw Naruto made his dream comes true… that actually made some winkling feeling in my heart.. 

Now I made this fan movie to makes people to laugh whose love Naruto..!


I hope you guys enjoy..<3 


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