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You want a train ticket? It’s yours, alright. You wanna get out of here? Done. I’ll lie for you. I’ll sneak you out. Hell, I’ll even drive you. If you want more, if you want to make sure whatever’s happening here stops, then I can help you with that, too.


Tom Hanks can do a lot of things well, like, for example, charm the pants off all of America for decades. Part of that has to do with his uncanny ability to project an air of the Everyman. He’s been called the new Jimmy Stewart, such is his ability to connect with audiences on a deep emotional level. Deep down, we are all Tom Hanks. Even you. EVEN YOU.

Hanks plays an ordinary guy like nobody’s business. It’s what’s made him the star he is, whether he’s playing an ordinary guy who dresses as a woman for cheaper rent, an ordinary guy who deals with another toy muscling in on his turf, or an ordinary astronaut dealing with some tough, everyday decisions.

He does this incredibly well, even though he’s a multiple-Oscar winning multimillionaire who has been in the upper echelon of society for most of his life. And this isn’t a knock against Hanks; he’s an actor, he’s supposed to play people that aren’t exactly like him. By all accounts, he even seems to be a pretty cool dude. And if he invited me to one of his barbecues, it’d be cool. Just a thought, Tom.

Strangely, the thing that he really can’t play is what’s closest to him, a super rich guy. 

5 Actors Who Have One Very Specific Achilles Heel


Prompt: Hey! Could you do 56 with Jay Halstead? Thank you.

“Don’t you dare die on me!”

Pairing: Jay Halstead/Reader.

Requested: Yes.

Triggers: Sadness; but happy ending.

“Halstead and Y/L/N. Get in that house and arrest him! You get a shot, you take it!” Voight ordered over the walkie-talkie.“You got it, Sarge.” Jay replied, climbing out of the truck, Y/N in pursuit. Guns up, they made their way to the front door.“Gerald Hughes! Chicago PD. Open up!” Hearing a female scream, Halstead pushed Y/N back a bit before kicking the door down. Searching the house, they said clear, various times; before ending up at the basement.

“Stop. Both of you. Guns on the ground.” T hey heard the male order, gun pointed at them. Swallowing harshly, Y/N looked over at Jay; earning a nod from him. Y/N slowly placed her gun on the ground the same time as Jay.“Hey, man. We’ve got all kinds of police on the way, so if I were you, I’d just walk away.” Jay pleaded. “Why? So you can shoot me in the back, Jay? It’s what you’re best at.” He replied. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows.“How does he know your name, Jay?” She asked him.

“He didn’t tell you, baby? Come on now, Jay. Jay and I were bestfriends, we we’re in the force together, long before mouse came along.” He informed her. “Now, I’m gonna let you watch him die!” He shouted, shooting Jay three times. “No!” Y/N cried out, running over to him. Jay screamed out in pain. Grabbing the gun in her boot, she whipped around and shot the offender multiple times. “Officer down, offender shot. Possible victim somewhere else in the house!” Y/N cried over the radio, her voice breaking.

“Hey, hey. Don’t you dare die on me, Halstead.” She whimpered, putting pressure on his wounds.“I need you, okay? Help will be here soon."Come on, baby.” She whispered, running a hand through his hair.‘Y/N! Halstead!“ She heard Voight and the rest of the unit yell."Basement! We need an ambulance.” She cried out.

“Oh my God.” Erin spoke, running over the the female who was down. Dawson and Brett ran down the steps, bringing a stretcher. Ruzek and Atwater helped get the victims upstairs. After a few hours of being at the hospital, Will finally came out to greet Y/N. “He’s stable, awake, and responsive.” Y/N let out a sob, hugging Will.“Thank God. Can I come see him?” Will nodded giving her a soft smile.“Go for it.”

“hey, babe”

I need a fix of the first time Erin calls Jay babe. Like how at first it was an accident and she gets all embarrassed to now when she just is flowing it out in front of everyone! Please if you have time!

To be honest, I was thinking two days tops and maybe a few hundred words for this prompt and yet, here we are, six days and 3,320 words later, with the prompt finally filled. 

There are five vignettes, that start quick and end the same way, progressing from the first use of the endearment “babe” and ending with a short prose retake of the ending scene of CPD 3x15. The second one is mildly inspired by one of my meta bullets. And apparently I can’t go long without PTSD!Jay, so you’re warned.

(Random: It’s like “Hey, Jude” except not in the slightest.)

Hopefully this meets your expectations well enough, Anon! As always, I covet your guys’ thoughts and opinions. 

The third rumble of her belly in ten minutes finally gets Erin’s attention. It’s almost eleven at night, she’s finally getting drowsy, and she’s comfortable, leaning back against her partner with his legs boxing in her own and causing a source of amusement during commercial breaks. Erin, refusing to take the blame for ticklish feet, had offered, quite magnanimously, to go sit at the other end of the couch.

The shell of her ear is still warm from his offended nip.

Needless to say, it’s a very inconvenient time for the munchies.

A quiet breath escapes her. Fine. Jay, engrossed in their late night movie, doesn’t notice for several long moments as she pinches at his hands where he’s laced them together across her stomach.

“Jay, come on, I’m starving,” Erin lets her head back to rest on his shoulder, lower lip jutting in some semblance of a pout that gets him out of the movie a lot faster then digging her nails into his skin.

His gaze drops straight down a couple of inches and yes, she definitely has his attention now. “What did you say?”

Leaning in a fraction, just to tease him with the proximity, Erin smirks. “Let me up, I’m hungry.”

Jay blinks a couple of times before his brain cells reconnect and he casts her a flat, unamused look at her underhanded tactics. His grip does loosen though and Erin extricates herself with care, unable to help from grinning but not wanting to add injury to insult by elbowing him in the gut.

If there’s an extra swing to her hips as she walks away, well—Jay doesn’t call her on it.

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Thoughts on CPD 4.17 "Remember the Devil"

1. Totally amazing!! They need more episodes like that. The action and the acting moved seamlessly throughout the entire episode. Everything flowed so well.
2. The funny banter between Ruzek and Atwater was priceless. And I totally want more of them. Oh, PJF it’s an honor to have you back!
3. Jay married??!! I’m so happy they went this route. It allows more things to be explored and it’s was so cute to watch Jay hide her from Erin.
4. The case was totally relevant and it had purpose. I want more episodes like this.
5. Erin driving like a maniac was priceless to see. And Jay’s look at her! Lol Jesse and Sophia play off each other so well!
6. I loved badass Voight, he’s returning slowly but surely! And I’ll be there every minute of it!
7. This episode was potentially the best episode that season 4 has done and the continuity was THERE. so props to the writers.
8. Elias played Olinsky’s grief so well that I couldn’t help tearing up. Hopefully it goes on for a while.
9. The end scene was beautiful. I loved that Jay left to get his head on straight and to be honest I’m glad they’ll be spending time apart. He needs to sort out his stuff and so does she. Props to Derek and the writers.