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This is the best freaking ThanksLiving jam ever.  I tried my best to transcribe it!

this your boy no lot(?)

vegan thanksgiving at our house

about to bring everything but the hog out

think we eat nothing but grass what you talking about

shit I’m like jumping though window to get the tofu’s early

get everything to get the tofu working

Like mac’n cheese the collard the greens black eyed peas get a roast of that tofu turkey

Got cornbread even got stuff’n

mash potatoes so good you put your hand in it

got three rings(?) even got yams with it

got kevin degree(?) with no ham in it

You can fill your plate up without all the guilt

with piled up ***(?) out of almond milk

Everything you touch going to be dairy free

even though I don’t care for me

I got beans greens potatoes, ain’t fuck’n with the chicken

beans greens potatoes, ain’t got no,

what’s you got baby

Surprise Admirer ~

It’s not even close to Valentine’s yet, but I couldn’t help myself when this popped into my mind. I could have waited, but ehhh. 

Word Count: 1500



“The day of the love, as Nazz girl says, is going to be soon,” Rolf said to Kevin as they walked into the school building, “does Kevin have someone, hmm?” He nudged the redhead.

Kevin snickered and rolled his eyes. “Nah, not really. Valentine’s day sucks.”

“Good morning, Kevin,” Double D greeted as he walked pass them, “good morning, Rolf.” He smiled at them both before walking off.

Kevin grinned lopsidedly as they both came to halt and he watched the sockhead walk away.

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Billy Nye took down creationist Kevin Ham with 2 charts

The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., has a simple motto: Prepare to believe.

But on Tuesday night when beloved public scientist, children’s show host and bow tie enthusiast Bill Nye faced off against bestselling Christian author and museum proprietor Ken Ham, Bill Nye was prepared to do anything but believe.

The debate was nearly 3 hours long. In that time, Ham appealed repeatedly to the idea that "science has been hijacked by secularists,“ and that people like Nye are seeking to indoctrinate children to "the religion of naturalism.”

Nye rode out the entire night patiently, but he had his answer early on in two quick charts. Based on, you guessed it, 

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Am I the only one...

…super conflicted about the whole Creationism vs. Evolution thing? 

That Bill Nye - Kevin Ham debate was a pretty interesting watch (although I saw only a couple of minutes of it).

As a (somewhat) scientist AND a person with a religious affiliation, I hate having to choose sides. 

Can there not be a happy medium?!?