kevin hailey

I’m Fine

My mind has been occupied by of millions of thoughts (all heartbreaking) about Jay’s life post-Erin, and since we all know we probably won’t see much any of this on the show… this is my attempt to bridge the time jump between the season 4 finale and the season 5 premiere, and basically trying to reconcile myself with a Linstead-less Chicago PD. Writing this has been therapeutic to say the least.

Also HUGE shout out to everyone I’ve chatted to about this idea, the support in this community has just been incredible! And special thanks to @halsteadpd and @whistlewhileyouwrite for helping me work through some speed bumps along the way!

(Sorry, this—note and story, apparently I can’t shut up—is insanely long) 

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I think the greatest thing this season so far is that there was actually continuity with last week’s episode. They didn’t just drop the ball on what happened last week and kept the Atwater story going. I’m also glad they didn’t introduce characters to kill them off!!!! (Still salty about Lexi, she did nothing). I wish we still got to see Jay and how he was the weeks after (I feel like they could’ve kept going there) but regardless, I was highly impressed with tonight’s episode. Episodes like these will definitely make me come back for more. (Not to mention Jay in that blue shirt which was basically porn, him in a cap and WITH KIDS) 

Fuori quell edificio c'è la neve…Tutti con il piumino addosso e poi ci sono Jesse con la maglietta a maniche corte e Paddy con la canottiera…
Il lato positivo è che grazie a questa foto abbiamo una bella immagine delle loro braccia 😍😍 Ahahah 😂❤