kevin garrison

I took this picture in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a famous Church called The Cathedral of Our Lady Kazan, a Russian homage to The Virgin Mary and her patronage and protection over the Russian City of Kazan. She is the most venerated icon in Russia.

The Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox basilica in modern days, and it lives in the heart of St. Petersburg. It’s always interesting to see how the local religion influences the culture in every country.

 Ⓒ Kevin Garrison Photography 2013. All rights reserved.

spin offs i would like to watch:

  1. krissy and claire, teenage demon hunters
  2. anna milton, fallen angel, and through zany mishap the unprepared guardian of the twelve-year-old anti christ
  3. charlie and dorothy and their magical adventures where they jump dimensions a lot
  4. jody mills and alex (the gilmore girls spinoff)
  5. hael’s excellent adventure, where she goes on a road trip looking at beautiful natural monuments
  6. exactly supernatural, except it revolves around tracy bell trying to track down the demon who killed her parents, and ellie, who is trying to find the demon who holds her contract
  7. linda tran hunting monsters with her ghost son kevin
  8. “life in the garrison!” a period sit com about castiel, uriel, balthazar, and anna in the garrsion during the crusades (naomi is the stern but lovable dean-type character)
  9. aaron navigating the world of jewish mysticism with the golem, his trusty guardian… and just maybe his best friend
  10. period show about josie and henry as rowdy 1950s men of letters initiates having student mishap adventures

The 3-man scrum