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to never again say my name like an apology // a three part gift for the lovely @androbeaurepaire‘s birthday. [Part 1]

— Dean, loving and being loved by his found family.

Today is the 100th birthday of jazz and pop singer Ella Fitzgerald, who’d started out winning Harlem talent shows as a teenager. She had her first hits with Chick Webb’s big band before going out on her own in the 1940s. The composer songbooks she recorded for Verve starting in the mid-50s are definitive recordings of vocal standards. Fitzgerald toured the world for decades, and died in 1996. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says Fitzgerald at her best is as good as it gets. Listen.


“Family don’t end with blood. Be kind. Ignore anyone who isn’t. Be strong. Lift up anyone who isn’t.” - Jim Beaver

My Older Sisters have an insane Supernatural Theory
  • So my two older sisters have this theory about Supernatural and how it's gonna end. I always tell them "It's like saying Voldemort. We do not discuss the end of Supernatural!" but I willingly listened to their theory. So get this...Sam and Dean are in a mental hospital their parents John and Mary to them are dead until Mary visits a few times but barely. Charlie, Garth, and Kevin were just patients in Dean and Sam's room but get moved out. Bobby is a family friend who ends up in the hospital as well but recovers the boys are unaware that he made it. All the angels are doctors or nurses so are Crowley, Rowena, and Meg. Chuck and Amara are Head Doctor and Head Nurse. All that stuff of saving people, hunting things, the family business is all in their heads because they have psychological issues and all the rock music just comes from a music player Dean has in his and Sam's hospital room.
  • They say when all that's revealed Carry on my wayward son should play and it all fade to black.
  • I asked them about some other characters they came up with a bunch of other ideas that I can't remember but in the end I told them to shut up and never bring it up again.
  • What do you guys think about this!?

I made these menu’s for a food truck AU fic I’m writing, and thought I’d share them on here for shits and giggles. 

From left to right:

Carry on my Wayward Bun- Run by Sam and Dean

Just Desserts- Run by Gabe and Cas

Middle Earth Smoothies- Run by Charlie and Garth

The Roadhouse- Run by Jo and Ellen

Devil’s Trap- Run by Meg and Ruby

Tran’s- Run by Linda and Kevin


A Very Sam Christmas Special, PART TEN.

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Next week on Supernatural:
  • Dean: It's my fault Kevin's dead.
  • Sam: No, it's mine.
  • Dean: His death is on me. It's all my fault.
  • Garth: No guys, it's my fault. I wasn't there. I became a werewolf.
  • Dean: No it's mine. I wasn't there for him when he needed me.
  • Cas: It's my fault the prophet is dead. If only I had my grace...
  • Dean: But-
  • Lucifer: *crawls out of the cage* Kevin's death is my fault!
  • Gabriel: *appears* No, it's mine!
  • Benny: Nah, it's my fault!
  • Random Guy: IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!
  • Dean: O_o
  • Bobby: ...Idjits
Supernatural: Sassiest Motherfuckers in Town

Sassy Sam.

Bobby  is 237% done with your bullshit.

Dean’s ‘bitch, please’ face.

Kevin facing the king of hell.

Crowley being unimpressed.

Charlie about to kick some ass.

You’ve been Garthed.

So basically, Supernatural: Sassiest Motherfuckers in town.