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    Mystery Accident Causes Teen Fatality

    “16-year-old teen died in a single-car crash in Windler [sic] County on Friday, authorities said. The unsolved death of this young man is currently under investigation. 

    “According to a Vermont Highway Patrol report, the young man, Kevin Paxton Page of Fagan Corners, veered off the roadway while heading east on Vermont Route 12 from the Hill Road exit ramp off Interstate 89. 

    “For an unknown reason, Page’s vehicle went through a chain link fence and ran into an embankment on the road’s north shoulder at about 1:40 p.m.

     “Vermont Highway Patrol found Page dead at the scene. His body was taken to Windler Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

      “The young man’s death, as well as the cause of the accident, remain under investigation…”             

    After all of the theories and speculation in the lead-up the show, Season 2 didn’t actually reveal much about Karen’s backstory. We now know she is from the tiny town of Fagan Corners, Vermont– just like in the comics. We know she had a brother named Kevin Paxton Page (Paxton is the name of 616 Karen’s father), who died in a mysterious car crash. We can also infer that she was somehow involved in the accident. Karen’s level of identification with Frank Castle has undertones of shared family-based trauma, and we know she is still trying to keep her past a secret– though she does start opening up to Matt a tiny bit when he asks about her brother. Whatever happened, it was clearly messy, and not something Karen wants to revisit. Beyond that, however… we get to keep guessing!