kevin eleventh

This is as far as i will go with these toys. No more. My sistr says i’m too decent but really thats ok with me.
A very late Easter gift to you, sorry it took long. I had to wait until i was crazy enough to do this.
I want to thank Kevin for doing such an amazing job on these toys, no not toys, masterpieces! When my name was called from the drawing hat, in my head i was like “I’m not worthy!!!” Lets take a moment and appreciate this guy. Round Of Appluase!
I bumped into Kevin and Giancarlo this weekend at Wondercon, which was my first Con by the way. I got his GLTAS print which is really cool. Next year i’ll be driving (passed my permit test today!!!!) so i’ll be getting tickets for Comic Con then.
I would also like to point out that i saw a preview full long episode of Teen Titans Go. It is not horrible, but it’s not also entirely acurate to the old TT. But it was funny, you have to give some time for this show. There some jokes that refrenced back to TT, and there were some that made it completly random and weird. But dont go hatin’ until you actually see it.
Also i saw the Superman Unbound movie….one word….AWSOME!
And that concludes my report