kevin crocker


Damn you Paul Gross and your damn near impossible to draw, crooked smile and teeth and your beard and your face, just- …..ok it is my own dumb fault that out of three options, I picked the one picture on which you’re grinning (drawing teeth is hard, why do I hate myself?), but still.

ANYWAY :’) it’s done now and it resembles him enough, so there.

Paul Gross in Republic of Doyle a.k.a Kevin Crocker in palette #4 requested by tinadolphin

next up is a request I got in my ask from jareth-piero-jr to draw Castiel


Republic of Doyle, 4x03: Identity Crisis

CROCKER: Well, well, so this is the cadet I’m supposed to meet. Now, if I’m not mistaken, the last time I saw your face, I do believe I was kidnapping it, am I right, or am I right?

TINNY: (seems a little overwhelmed and remains silent)

CROCKER: (chuckles) This is seriously perverse stuff, little girl - perverse even for me. Now what do you want from me, exactly?

TINNY: These meetings are… part of my training. Interviewing convicts and getting experience talking to them.

CROCKER: Ah yeah. I did the exact same exercise when I was a cadet.

TINNY: Good, so you get it. (she starts as if to make notes on her pad)

CROCKER: No. Not really.

TINNY: (looks up)

CROCKER: Because as I recall, the cadet gets to choose whatever convict they like.


CROCKER: (cants his head) So you pick me, the man who kidnapped you? It’s a bit odd, you know?

TINNY: I ask the questions here, not the other way around.

CROCKER:(sarcastically) Forgive me for overstepping.

TINNY: Are you gonna play nice?

CROCKER: (darkly) Are you gonna drop that snotty tone?

TINNY: If I leave, we both know the best conversation you’re going to have today is with your homicidal bunkmate. Must be riveting stuff.

CROCKER: (incredulous smirk) Well, don’t knock it, I derive a great deal of joy from my chats with Mr. Sham Rock. (pause) Okay, tough girl. What’s your name?

TINNY: Tinny. Doyle.

CROCKER: Jake’s niece. Real name Katrina.

TINNY: Tinny.

CROCKER: Okay, Tinny. What do you want to know?

TINNY: Start with your family.

CROCKER: I’ve got two sisters and a deadbeat dad - well, did, he’s dead - my mother is a saint. I’ve never been married and I have no children. How’s that for a start?

TINNY: (looks back at him, but says nothing)

CROCKER: Something I said, sport? I’m trying to answer your questions. I mean, maybe it’s being face to face with me that’s sort of… thrown you?

TINNY: (continues to look at him, as if speechless)

CROCKER: You know, the kidnapping thing… it wasn’t personal.

TINNY: I’ll come back. This was just a screening, so… bye. (she hangs up the receiver, gets up and walks away)

CROCKER: (looks confused as fuck)