kevin brereton

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Poster Book

Art by Derek Yaniger 

“For a guy who usually draws cartoon lobsters, working on HELLRAISER has been quite a change, But, after my very first pinup… I was hooked. Too bad I can’t show it to my mom.”

“Gnaw, Prince of Darkness” by A. C. Farley 

“A noble man of the 17th century would have commissioned such a portrait. This one had done so during his previous existence. Here you see a portrait of a prince of Leviathan. Captured here in his regal posture, entrails wound cape-like around his arm, faithful pet at his heel.”

Art by Ted McKeever

“Horror is something you should taste; Something you should savor while in its embrace; Something you should feel long after its conclusion. Not something that turns your stomach, or causes you to look away.The ideal Horror… the Best Horror, is the kind that drifts back after a slight chill breathes past you on a wet autumn evening. Or at the end of the day, when the shadows grow long, and for a brief instant the only sound you hear is that of your own breath entering, and leaving your body.The ‘obvious’ Horror is always fleeting, but the ‘quiet’ Horror is eternal.And always possible.“

Art by Kevin O'Neill 

“Having spent much of my time in comics illustrating the bizarre and the bloody, entering world of Clive Barker was like slipping into a comfy noose (it’ll ride up with wear). I felt right at home, but had doubts about the level of torture and sadism acceptable on a Clive Barker comic cover. Usually it’s a trade off - some blood no sadism - some sadism no blood. I figured "hey, a leather clad S&M do-it-yourself enthusiast wearing a human skin cape should fit the bill.” Heh! Heh! After the cover was previewed at a convention complaints were made and Epic promised it would never see print… Well, here it is again!“

Art by Mike Mignola 

”… In the Pit there is no coup de grace; no final, exhilarating moment of oblivion. The scalpels slice, but never dispatch, teasing the death-rattle out until it is an age-long percussion…“ - Clive Barker

Art by Dan Brereton 

"Building horror images in my head always feel a little dirty to me. The more succesful the imagery, the weirder I feel. In a way I envy someone like Clive, who can shake hands with the devil and not walk away with the urge to wash his hands.”

Art by Simon Bisley 

“Simply, take it or leave it.”

Art by John Rheaume 

“I’d never been afraid to be alone in a room with one of my own paintings until I created a painting for Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.”

Art by John Van Fleet 

“When attempting to bring the subconscious to life, one risks only scratching the surface, thus leaving an open wound subject to infection.”

Art by John Bolton 

“Even though I’m working on someone else creation, working with Clive, I don’t feel intimidated. I know that I’m able to interpret the character and paint the picture I want to, without Clive Looking over my shoulder. I only have trouble with the editors.”