kevin belli

Dadbod: Part 4

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I was in complete shock for several days after my encounter with Kevin. I felt like one of my sexual fantasies came to life before my eyes. I couldn’t wait until Kevin’s family would be out of town. I constantly fantasized about the things I’d do to him, what food I’d buy, and how fat he would become. I had texted him the night he gave me his number but he never responded. I became so obsessed I started to wonder if our previous encounter was even real at all or if I had just imagined it. 

Two weeks passed and I was sure Kevin had gained weight. I would spy on him from my window when he’d get the mail, barbecue, or go to work. His work button-ups were what gave away his gains most of all. Prior to our encounter, Kevin looked like a fit guy who could maybe lose a few pounds, his belly barely poking out at nicely ironed shirts. But in the last couple weeks, those shirts were skintight and revealed a body that definitely wasn’t getting any smaller. With ten more pounds on him the buttons on those shirts would go flying off. 
Another week passed and Kevin seemed to be getting even bigger. I awoke one morning to the sound of a lawn mower. I peeked out my window to see Kevin mowing the lawn wearing a tight white T-shirt that was drenched in sweat. Big wet marks covered the back and armpits of his tee, causing the material to cling to the curves of his body. I became instantly erect and started jerking off. I let out a small moan and Kevin looked in my direction. He gave a slight grin before peeling off the shirt to reveal a definitely fatter belly. He had officially developed an overhang when he stood and the vibration of the mower made it jiggle and glisten in the sun. He scratched his underbelly and then gave his gut a good jiggle and slap. He was definitely putting on a show for me. 
Later that day, I returned home from running some errands and could hear Kevin and his family having lunch in the backyard. I had arrived at the most opportune time as I could hear Kevin’s wife say: “Babe slow down on that potato salad. Leave some for the rest of us, huh?” I peeped through a crack in their fence to see Kevin looking bloated and shirtless. He didn’t say a word back to his wife, he simply burped and cracked open what looked like his third or fourth beer. I continued back to my house, greatly pleased that Kevin was continuing to act like a pig despite his wife’s passive aggressive comments. A few hours later, I received a text that read: “Americana Buffet 9pm, see you there.” It was from Kevin. 
I arrived early and waited in my car until I saw him. He was wearing cut-off shorts which were suctioned to his thighs, and a black Led Zeppelin T-shirt that looked like it may of fit him in high school. The shirt was so tight that his belly threatened to make an appearance with even the slightest move. I got out of my car and all he said to me was: “Hey slim.”
We continued inside and were seated at a booth. We split up to fill our plates and I was the first one back at the table. I wasn’t sure if I should begin eating or wait for Kevin, so I waited. When he arrived, he dropped off two plates piled high with food and left again. The second time he returned he was carrying a Coke, a milkshake, and a slice of cake. We dug in.“I’ve turned into such a fat ass since the other night,” Kevin said with a mouth full of food. “I can’t stop eating.”
“That’s hot,” I said. “But I bet you can’t even finish all the food on this table.”
“Oh?” he said, and began chowing down even faster. 
His plates were covered in all the most fattening foods: pizza, mac n cheese, casserole, roast beef, mashed potatoes, buttered rolls, French fries, fried chicken. Kevin was scarfing it down like someone was on their way to steal it from him. His face was inches from the table and he was shoveling food down this throat at an incredible speed. Within 15 minutes the two plates were cleared and he was guzzling down the milkshake. His shirt was slowly beginning to ride up to reveal his furry midsection and love handles. He devoured the cake in three bites before standing up for round two. 
I was still working on my one plate and milkshake when Kevin returned with two plates: one entire plate filled with mac n cheese, bacon, and dinner rolls, the other was a mountain of mashed potatoes topped with French fries and gravy. Between those two dishes there had to be at least 2,000 calories, if not more. He started on the mac n cheese first which went down pretty quickly. By the time he was half way through the mashed potatoes his pace had slowed. He was burping often and had a shortness of breath.
“Piggy bit off more than he could chew?” I said.
This ignited a fire in Kevin and he shoveled the rest of the plate down in three fell swoops. He leaned back with his hands behind his head and his legs spread wide. There was absolutely no hope that T-shirt was going to cover a belly so bloated with food; it rode up to just underneath his belly button. Kevin burped so loud that people turned and gawked at his gluttony. He exhaled and rubbed his distended stomach.
“Fetch piggy some cake,” he said. 
I did as I was told and returned with a slice of each cake available, plus a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of chocolate fudge to use as toppings. The ice cream and fudge only covered two of the four slices of cake, which Kevin slurped down ravenously. He let out another belch and instructed me to get more ice cream. I did as I was told and before I knew it, the rest of the cake was gone. Kevin’s mouth was sticky with sugar and his shirt as streaked with food that didn’t make it to his mouth. “I better get back to my wife,” he said. “She’s gonna be so pissed when I walk in looking this bloated. I told her I was going for a run.”
“Well, you are sweating,” I said. 
He burped again and started to shuffle out of the booth. He moved slow and his shirt rode up to reveal a stomach that looked painfully stretched. When Kevin finally got out of the booth, he stood up and there was a loud ripping noise as his plants split down the ass. To my great amusement he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Two fat hairy cheeks pushed their way free from the tear. Several people turned to stare with looks of shock and disgust. Kevin simply waddled out to his car and left.