kevin barrett

Thank You

Thank you to the Groundhog Day cast, creative team, crew, orchestra, and the staff of the August Wilson Theatre.

Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and love you put into bringing this beautiful show to life.

There is so much more to say and yet no words can do justice to what this show has given me and hopefully many others.

It gave me a place to call home, even if just for a few hours.  

It gave me a community on the internet to feel a part of outside of those hours.

It gave me something that made me feel when I often struggle to engage emotionally.

The true beauty of art is the gift it gives us of a place to exist where everything makes sense when the world outside does not.  Where you can be surrounded by strangers, yet not feel alone.  A place where, when the house lights dim, in that brief moment of darkness and silence, save for the whirring of moving lights as they go to their first cue position, the audience, the actors, the crew, the orchestra, and the house staff, let go of all that keeps us apart and become one. Joining together to find that transcendent synergy which creates the experiences that keep us all coming back for more.  They will be carried in our hearts and returned to in times of darkness.  

We, audience and performer alike, will all move on into new phases of our lives and I look forward to following the cast and creative team wherever their careers may lead.  I will however think back fondly on this show and these characters and the spring turned summer during which I could visit with them.  

May the message of valuing the life we are given and the people with whom we share it spread beyond the confines of the theater’s walls to the world at large.

“As for that, the rest is just a test of your endurance.  You gotta love life.”

Champions adjust.

My reaction to each match out come tonight.

New Days wins

Nikki Wins…..again.

KO pins Cena clean

Neville pins Bo Dallas

Dean pins Seth for the title!!

But then gets screwed…

But then he just walks out with it like

Elimination Chamber Review

Lucha Dragons didn’t win

Titus O’Neil throwing people about 

PTP didn’t win

Divas Championship Match

The piece of shit wrestling fan chanting “you can’t wrestle” to Naomi

Naomi’s reverse hurricanrana and almost kills Paige

Nikki Bella retained

Naomi was the one who got pinned

Cena vs Owens

Owens jumping and turning perfectly on the top rope to do a moonsault

Owens won

Cena moving quicker than shoppers on Black Friday

Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo Dallas trying to reason with Neville in the the middle of the match

Commentators talking absolute shit in this match

Neville wins

Mark Henry is Rusev’s replacement

Ryback telling Barrett “I’ll eat your ass alive”

Dolph didn’t win

Ambrose vs Rollins

Getting to see Dean brawl

J&J interfere

The ref goes down

Ambrose wins

The original ref is trying to say Ambrose won through DQ

It’s made official that Ambrose won through DQ and Seth is still Champion

Dean refusing to give up the belt so the authority jump him

Reigns makes the save

Sounded like Dean called Roman baby

The so-called Islamic State is not what it claims to be. Like the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor has any reserves, the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state. It is a terrorist group that was created by US intelligence and Zionist-allied mercenaries, trained at CIA bases in Jordan, and unleashed on the people of Syria and Iraq to destabilize those countries in service to Israel.
—  Kevin Barrett, ‘‘Islamic State’ head-choppers: Best enemy money can buy’, Press TV