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Untitled [Diggin' Holes]
Mysterious Band
Untitled [Diggin' Holes]

Mysterious Band - Untitled [Diggin’ Holes][Live]

Okay this has a really cool backstory that blew my mind (since I’m a big E6 fan too). In the early 2000s, Isaac Brock teamed up with Elephant 6 members Julian Koster (of Neutral Milk Hotel and The Music Tapes), Bill Doss (of The Olivia Tremor Control), Robbie Cucchiaro (of The Music Tapes), and Kevin Barnes (of of Montreal) and formed a sort of super group only known as “Mysterious Band”. According to people in the E6 facebook group, this band played a few more times with more people.

This recording was released on a compilation called Border Music…Flicker Of A Smile - Athens Experimental (U.S. Pop Life Vol. 10), which was only released in Japan.


the heroes series : KEVIN BARNES

I’d like to do a series of portraits of all the artists that changed my life in some way. Well - it’s impossible to draw all of them, there are so many ! But among them, there is Kevin Barnes, the neurotic genius behind Of Montreal. His music is the soundtrack of my soul. Amen to that. 

“We want our lives to be beautiful, not realistic.” - The Past is a Grotesque Animal by Of Montreal