kevin and louis

“He owned up to it” “he took responsibility”

Look, apologists, your predatory fave doesn’t get points for apologizing or admitting to something fucked up THAT THEY DID ACTUALLY DO once they’ve been exposed, backed into a corner and FORCED to. Okay?

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more reasons to never idolize anyone, least of all celebrities

they’re human beings who are edited and composed to only reveal the best to you. they’re not better than you in any way or more worthy of being heard. 

yeah it sucks knowing your “heroes” are fucked up, but it comes with knowing that they probably were never the person you imagined them to be anyway. that person never existed to begin with.

we have to hold them to the same standards as everyone else. they don’t get to get away with this and there are more talented, dedicated, and decent people waiting on the sidelines to take their place.

if they choose to use their fame to take advantage of people, then they get shown the door. no ifs, ands, or buts.