kevin and his wife

Thighs to die for. Even the other members can't resist.

(Kiseop knows what he’s doing.  The juiciest meat is always closest to the bone.  It’s also fun to hump Soohyun’s leg with your big gun.)

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soohyun thighs are top notch tho

thanks  hyunybunny~


He’s perfect. His wife is perfect. His friends are perfect. Even his cats are perfect

Dating Sami Zayn would include:

× Him being in love with you for a long time
× Being really good friends at first
× Singing karaoke together
× Being teased by him 24/7 and teasing him back
× Double dates with kevin and his wife
× Even you and him been dating for awhile, he is still pretending to yawn while raising his arm and laying it around your shoulder
× Always being confident and fearless around him
× Him thinking he is not good enough for you
× “don’t say that, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”
× Him being so worried everytime you are on ring
× Sweet soft kisses which turn heated really quickly
× Kisses on your forehead
× You think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
× Not a lot of jealousy, but God forbid if a guy gets too touchy with you
× Catching him staring at you every second of everyday on the week
× “sami, this is creepy, baby”
× “why? you’re absolutely beautiful”
× Hugs from behind
× Him being so gentle when you’re having sex
× “is this ok, babygirl?”
× Wearing his sweaters even though they’re very big on you
× Him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
× Marathon of your favorite series
× Finn embarrasing Sami in front of you
× Hand kisses
× Him playing with your hair
× he tries to make you a braid
× but ends in a disaster
× Waking up to kisses
× or maybe a burning kitchen
× He’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever
'Grey's Anatomy': Are Owen and Amelia Over? | EW

Are Amelia and Owen over faster than they started on Grey’s Anatomy?

After Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) revealed that she doesn’t want to have a baby, Owen (Kevin McKidd) decidedly returned to his wife instead of repeating history by doing something stupid like he did when he cheated on Cristina (Sandra Oh). But when he arrived home in the midseason finale, Amelia had left him what appeared to be a Dear John letter.

“Don’t make this all your fault. I know you. That’s what you do. But please, please don’t do that.”

Has Amelia left Owen? “For now, she has, which is horrible and heartbreaking for both of them,” McKidd tells EW. “For anybody to be in that much pain that they feel that’s their only course of action is very, very sad — that somebody that has gotten to that point where they feel there’s such a divide or such a break in their relationship that they have to do that.”

“My heart goes out to Amelia, because she’s in so much pain,” McKidd continues. “My heart goes out to Owen, because he’s obviously going to be in so much pain. He’s with this woman who he had to win back on their wedding day, and then now again she’s disappeared on him. He’s starting to ask big questions about where this is headed. He’s not an idiot.”

Chief among those questions is whether their marriage, which they rushed into in the first place, can actually survive such a fundamental difference of opinion. “Obviously it looks like she might not want to have kids, which is a core thing that Owen desperately wants and needs in his life that he couldn’t have with Cristina,” McKidd says. “He was convinced that he and Amelia were on the same page. Suddenly that page might’ve been turned, and we’re on a different page.”

Ultimately, that divide led to the dissolution of Owen and Cristina’s marriage in the past, so will history repeat itself in that regard for Owen and his new wife? “On many levels, it’s very sad and heartbreaking,” McKidd says. “I just don’t know if they’re going to make it. I hope they do. But again, it’s a fundamental divide or break in their relationship. Owen, rightly, at some point, will be like, ‘How many times should I be trying to win this person back? Shouldn’t this all be a little bit easier? Isn’t marriage meant to be something that we’re both in instead of running away from?’ The problem is, he also knows how much damage has been done and the darkness in her past, so he has a lot of empathy for that too, but he has to think about himself, too. It’s a very sad situation.”

Amelia disappearing is part and parcel of Scorsone being pregnant in real life — she welcomed her second child on election day — and needing some time off screen. But that doesn’t mean their problems will be resolved upon her return. “That is one of the practical reasons why this storyline was going this way; Caterina needs a little time with her new one,” McKidd says. “But what it does is it creates this very pivotal moment for Owen and Amelia. I really don’t know if they can recover from it. If Amelia can’t heal all these wounds inside of herself and can’t make peace or be on board with the idea of having a family, Owen really needs to ask himself that big question yet again, the big question he never wanted to ask ever himself again, which is the woman that he’s fallen deeply in love with just may not want to be on the same page as far as having kids. What does Owen do with that?”

Three way conversation at our home.

Me: awwwww who’s a good boy? Good job! Good boy, Kevin! (While playfully and vigorously scratching his head)

Kevin Bacon: (looking proudly and lovingly up at me with a smile and leaning into my head scratching)

Wife: what’s with all the love?

Me: he let us know he had to go outside. That’s a good thing.

Wife: yeah but he did it twice in a row. Are you telling me he didn’t know he had to shit the first time?

Kevin Bacon: (looking up at me with his head cocked to one side as if to ask the same thing. )

Me: yeah. He double dipped the treat bag.
(While still lovingly scratching Kevin’s happy spot by his ears)

Wife: Jesus. I do both of those at the same time and I don’t get that kind of praise.

Me: starts writing this post.

Hockey Halloween

This year players have truly unleashed a creative side and have come up with some of the funniest costumes. Here is a look at some the of the best ones this halloween.

New York Rangers forward, Derick Brassard poses with “fans” defensemen, Keith Yandle and center, Kevin Hayes.

Penguins players Chris Kunitz went as Marty McFly along with his wife, Doc Brown from Back To The Future. Pascal Dupuis and his wife dressed as minions. 

Dallas Stars Jamie Benn, Jason Demers and Tyler Seguin dressed as the three blind mice.

Brother of Jamie Benn, Jordie, went as the twins emoji character.

Wife of Washington Capitals right winger, Lauren Oshie, dressed as Cruella de Vil while her husband TJ went as a dalmatian. 

One of the most creative, Washington Captials best friends, Tom Wilson and Michael Latta took inspiration from the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away.

More Disney couples, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson dressed as Ursula with his girlfriend as the little mermaid. 

These were just some of the hysterical costumes that surfaced this year. There will be lots more to come! 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Kevin will eventually tell his kids about Eric when they grow up? In a nice and positive way?

Of course! At the end of it all, Eric is still his younger brother. That’s not a fact that changes upon death, nor is it something that can be erased fully from a family after one of its members has committed an unspeakable act. There will always be surviving photographs and casual stories that see the light of day. It’s also something that I feel he’s almost obliged to do for his kids – to simply mention that he once had a brother, who died long before they were born, and that this uncle Eric did something really bad as a teenager but was also fun and sweet to hang out with when they were both kids. I’m quite certain that Kevin has all the best stories about Eric anyway and that he still shares them with people like his mother and his wife and so on. Kevin’s bond with Eric was pretty good, after all, so it would make perfect sense to me to have him share stories about his brother with his kids.

so i looked up the plot of paul blart mall cop 2 on wikipedia

Less than a week after getting married, Paul Blart (Kevin James) gets a notice of divorce since his wife was immediately disillusioned with marriage. To make things worse, his mother Margaret (Shirley Knight) is hit by a milk truck.

When Kevin Cotter’s wife dumped his ass after 12 years of marriage, he found her wedding dress neatly stowed away in a largish box in his closet. When he asked her what he should do with it (he had new man-things to store, after all), she politely replied, “Whatever the fuck you want.” Much to her chagrin, it’s an answer Kevin took literally.

5 Insane (Yet Satisfying) Ways Jilted Lovers Got Revenge

  • Why
  • Norm Lewis
  • Kevin Gray - Forever Always... Broadway's Tribute CD

This song comes from a CD recorded in the memory of Broadway actor Kevin Gray, who passed away in 2013. This song was written by his wife, Dodie Pettit prior to his passing, and is sung here by Norm Lewis.

Given today’s news about Kyle Jean-Baptiste, it seems appropriate to share this song as sung by another POC actor to honor not only Kevin, but now Kyle’s memory as the song poses the question of “Why”, which is the question that plagues us all after today’s news.

RIP Kyle