Credit to @dropmoto : Redefining ‘Rust Bucket’. Loving this seaside cruiser Kawasaki W650 built by the UK’s Kevil Hill / @kevils1. Tons of fun, and FOR SALE at a very decent price! Contact Kevin for details. #w650 #kawasaki #dropmoto #streettracker #scrambler #builtnotbought


The film, set in 13th century Ireland, stars Jon Bernthal, Richard Armitage and Tom Holland.

(Exclusive)   10:00 PM PST 2/8/2017 by Rebecca Ford

Ahead of the start of the European Film Market in Berlin, Irish action-thriller Pilgrimage, starring Jon Bernthal, Richard Armitage and Tom Holland, has been acquired by RLJ Entertainment for U.S. rights in a seven-figure deal.

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Somehow, we’ve developed this cultural idea of assassins as the ultimate death machines, but we forget: assassins don’t have opponents, they have victims. If an assassin is fighting anyone, they’ve already screwed up. And if they’re dealing with a warrior, a warrior who sees them coming…well. In that case, it tends to be the warrior who has a victim instead of an opponent.
—  Matt Keville