Emojis & FoodAnna Keville Joyce

Emojis come to life with a twist in this new series by stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto. Three different countries are represented: Italy has Heart-Shaped Eyes Face using spaghetti, tomato sauce and peppercorns; Japan has Dizzy Face made up of sliced salmon, seaweed and a side of soy sauce; Mexico has Smiling Figure w/ Sunglasses made from rice, beans and red peppers. H/T


For a whimsical series entitled A Tribute to Budgie, Buenos Aires-based food illustrator and stylist Anna Keville Joyce created beautiful bird illustrations on plates using nothing but food. Scattered around each plate are the edible materials used to create that particular bird.

Photos by Agustín Nieto

[via Free York]