• Edd:kevin doesnt like me, Nazz. He just wants to be friends.
  • Nazz:oh really?
  • Nazz:lets see
  • Nazz:OMG EDD IS THAT A HICKEY?!?!?!?
  • Kevin:*BURSTS IN* WHAT!!? WHO!!??
  • Edd://///////
  • Kevin:Edd?
  • Edd:Yes Kevin?
  • Kevin:no offense but like...why am i not kissing you right now?
  • Edd:aw~
  • Kevin:no like Edd im serious
  • Kevin:get your cute ass over here i want to make out with you
  • Edd:wow Kevin. You really are a charmer.

Tano’s Answer Box #1

From now, to avoid spaming on your dash, I’ll be open this box once a month or when I see my asks and chat box are full ;; w ;;)~ 

I read every single one of your ask to be honest but I don’t have enough time to answer all ;; w ;; Since there’s some similar ask so let me just sumarize them here and answer one time~ Let’s begin shall we?

“Do you take request anymore? If yes can I have [fandom name]?”

I would love to take more request but right now I have to finish backlog requests since long ago for KevEdd fandom ;; w ;;~ And also I have some commission and team projects that need to be done so sorry I can’t draw request at the moment. But you can still send me, I might put them into my To Do List.

I do take artrades if you ask~.

“Will you continue your BillDip/KevEdd’s comic? Can I write fanfiction about your story?”

Yes I will continue them all, including my AUs which I created for fandoms. But they will be drawn slow because I need inspirations (like others artist ;; w ;;).

I would love to read if you want to write fanfiction for my comics/AUs~.

“Can I have some headcannons about your comics/AUs?”

This is something I want to surprise fandom by drawing and comic strips~ So let’s just wait for them okay~?

“Is your Patreon/Commission still open?”

Yes they are still open. At the the moment I have some problem with my Credit card, hope to fix them soon. I received a donate for my Patreon, thank you so much ;; v ;;~

For commission, please send me your request through my email:

My Patreon 

“Which tools you use for your works? Can I have some tips for comics/drawings?”

I use Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch for digital drawings, programes: Paint Tool SAI, Manga Studio EX, Photoshop CS3.

For traditional drawings I use Leningrad Watercolor, Raffine Pencil Color, Canson Paper. I have a scanner for my traditional works.

For my tips, to be honest I don’t know how to describe how I draw ;; w ;;, cause my skill mostly learnt from others. Maybe someday I’ll make a small Step by Step to show you~. 

For comics tips, I have some advises for you. With me there’s 4 important elements to make a comic page look ‘alive’. First, perspectives must be varied, don’t stay the same perspective or rotation more than twice at one page. Second,  conversation box should be placed in blank space where it can be read and not cover your main characters in the panel. Third, effects, both sound effects and line effects, this is something you have to find tutorial yourself cause it’s pretty complicated. Fourth, don’t place too many panels in one page, it will make the reader feel hard to read.

Those, ofcourse, are all my experiments, so it might not right, but that’s what I can tell you~

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your lovely praise and loves you had sent me, I’ve read all of them and feel so much blessed ;; w ;;)~ I’ll try to draw more in the future for your kindness~ 

That’s all for today~ See you in my next Anwer Box~