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hello my sweet sweet ship…it’s been a while :D..don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these two (three ?)

you might be familiar with these scenes..yes…it’s from Steven Universe’s episode “Last out of beach city”…all I could think about this episode,well besides the fact that Pearl has finally got a new love interest (?), is I’m imagining that Edd was Pearl and the Mystery Girl was Kevin…they’re somewhat fit for the character XDD…I love this episode…I’ll try to draw them in other scenes if I got the time


(i don’t own any of these character..I’m just a mere fan both of these show and this ship)

Nathan Kedd Goldberg © c2ndyac1d

Edd,Edd n Eddy/Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

fan art ©Spogunasya


Human!Bob from the episode “Dear Ed”.
Name: Robert (Bob) Bore
Age: ??
Colors: Hair: Orange; Jacket: Yellow; Shirt: White; Jeans: Navy Blue; Bandanna: Magenta
- Sarcastic
- Always likes to build things
- Seems to not get along with Plank
- Sometimes babysits for money

So yeah I had to make one too~ Hope you enjoy him!


Hi kevedd universe I need your help. I am making an fanfic of one of the greatest couple that ever happened. But I need help. I feel like I’m almost done with the first chapter but I can not for the life of me come up with a title for it. So in asking if anyone has any title names for this story that would help so much. To help everyone help me I will now give the summary. Edd is a normal teenage boy, well as normal as an teenage assassin can get. But as his 15 birthday and the start of high school come around edd learns a very dark secret about himself and his parents. He learns that his parents aren’t really his parents and that he’s not actually a human but a demon that’s as old as the universe itself. Can edd get though the drama of highschool life, being an assassin, keeping his second life a secret, finding himself and the love rollercoaster that the all American red head will take him on? Again thanks for the help

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