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Promises Are Meant To Be Broken (Part 1)

Part 2

I noticed that I’ve been doing too much in fluff in this fandom so I made this time, a little bit serious…hope you like it

AU Rev! Kevedd © asphyxion

Ed,Edd N Eddy/Kevin © Danny Antonucci/Cartoon Network

Comic © spogunasya

XD I’m coming back real soon!!

To gear up for finishing the first chapter of Last Night, I’m gonna do a short n steamy side comic!!

It’ll be biweekly updated and will start in the first week of January!!
This will give me time to draw out all the remaining pages so I can get them out right after!!

And give me time to finish writing out chapter 2 and get at least half of its pages drawn!!

Stay Tuned!!


Wow okay so a while back I posted these sketches of some Kevedd Teacher!AU stuff. Then chocolatechiplague wrote a super cute drabble to go after my original sketch that inspired me to turn it into a short comic-thing. And after sitting in my sketchbook for a month I finally finished it. <3 I’m fairly pleased with the outcome of this and it forced me to shade/colour for once. I want to do much more of it! I hope you enjoy. 

Edd gave a small laugh as he rubbed the back of his head after a moment, fingers moving to pull at the hat he wore through out his youth before remembering that he had let go of the ‘security blanket’ long ago. “Well, both of my parents are rather tall and genetics has proven that there is only a one and sixth chance that your height will take after generations genetics from say your grandparents. I just inherited the correct genes-“

"I didn’t want a biology lesson, dork.” Kevin snorted before moving to grasp onto the taller mans tie, tugging him down to his level and grinning. “You may be taller, but that doesn’t mean shit. You’re still my dork.“ Edd smiled, leaning in to brush their noses then their lips slowly. 

"Was there ever a doubt after all these years, Kevin?”

Writing by chocolatechiplague! Thanks for letting me share it and draw a silly comic of it.


When i was listening to The Scientist by Coldplay this story rushed through my head and i couldn’t help but to write a fan fiction, and this strip is based on the fan fiction i’m currently writing

if you would like to read (i only have a chapter uploaded and i’m gonna updated chap 2 today) here is the link…

The song:

 i know i suck at backgrounds and i tried but yeah… LOL