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Freaking doubly finally! ReplacED part 15 for those of you who have waited super duper patiently. Thank you everyone!

Written version:

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Part 15:

Kevin was not sure what possessed him or his hand, but curiosity and the basic idea of “victory” allowed his motions to follow through. He wanted to see under that hat for Kevin knew what was hidden under Double D’s. It was unique to the academic teen and it was what the jock needed to use to prove to himself that Double D and Eddward were not the same person. Kevin wanted something concrete both physically and emotionally to differentiate the two; just to prove Eddward wrong.

Fingers grasped black beanie and crumpled it into Kevin’s fist while he could feel Eddy’s eyes watching as well. In one motion the hat was removed as jet black hair was revealed, as expected.

“What the hell, Kev—”

Kevin interrupted the loud mouth, “Shut it, Skipper or you join him.” Eddy made a grudging sound in protest but said nothing more. He ignored the Ed’s presence as he inspected Eddward further and even brushed aside hair until he found the one thing that he did not want to find.

The sight was startling to the point Kevin scrambled away from Eddward, shocked. Eddy came over, curious as to what the big deal was only to go pale.

Eddward had the same exact scar as Double D.

Kevin had no idea as to how he should react or even how to proceed. Both he and Eddy stayed in their place trying to understand and wrap their teenage brains around the situation. None of which made sense.

Eddy was the first to speak as his brows knitted together, “What the fuck…” They both thought it but he said it.

“Like I’d know. I’m just as confused,” Kevin ran a bewildered hand over his face, resting his elbows on his knees. Eddy shifted his weight from leg to leg as his mind mulled over how they should proceed, being the quick problem solver that he is. Even he found himself second guessing himself with the situation presented.

“So what now? Do we hide the body or—”

“He’s not dead, stupid, I told you that,” Kevin snapped, “Just shut up so I can think.”

Of course Eddy did not listen as he switch the conversation to his court, “What’s Double D doing at your place anyways?”

“Does it matter?”

“Hey, he’s my friend,” Eddy snipped, “So spill it.”

The jock continued as there was little reason to fight it, “He lives across from me and this guy had gone after him.” Kevin pointed at the prone form of Eddward while he stood up.

“After him?” Eddy made a face. He was not sure what to make of any of this other than the fact that he was totally confused. Not to mention he was trying to get information out of his childhood rival.

“He’s hurt so he’s staying at my place til things clear. But it don’t look like that will be soon,” Kevin huffed, impatient with Eddy’s questioning.

Eddy reeled, “Woah, back up—hurt?! Like he wasn’t bad enough yesterday!”

“Will you get it in your head that I didn’t do anything to Double D? He’s the culprit!” Kevin raised his voice and got into Eddy’s face, an angry finger jabbing at his skull. Eddy shoved Kevin’s hand away though he gave in a little to accept the red head’s reasoning.

“Kay, got it,” Eddy grumbled, “Still hate your guts.”


“Okay, tough guy, what do we do with him then? We leave him here, he’ll just go off and do whatever.” Eddy asked, as he rolled his eyes as he dropped his hands to his side. Kevin’s angry scrunch faded from his features as he stopped to think, worry ebbing in. Though a chuckle from the shorter caught the other teen’s attention.


“I think I got an answer to your problems,” Eddy smirked as he looked off with his signature smile. Kevin raised an eyebrow and waited for further explanation.

Eddy smiled further, “Tell you for a dollar.” Kevin frowned as the other teen burst into laughter.

“Just joking,” Eddy papped Kevin’s shoulder, “But I know what we can do if you wanna hear it.”

“I’m listening.”

“Here’s what we’ll do…”


Eddy stood with Ed and Kevin in the empty hall while class went on. Ed stood and peered into the window above the lower set with frosted chicken wire to get a better view of the classroom.

“He in there, big guy?” Eddy asked, jittering with excitement as he rubbed his hands together and grinned. Kevin could only watch the bizarre behavior and shake his head despite the fact that he was in on this “scheme”. But it was in the jock’s best interest without his money involved.

When Eddy explained the plan to him it pushed so many barriers yet it was so well thought out, detail for detail. Kevin found himself easily agreeing to it. No wonder Ed and Double D got so wrapped up in Eddy’s plans. The guy had charisma.

“Yep, he’s in there,” Ed nodded. Eddy had to stifle his snickering, “Okay, Ed, you know what to do!” The taller nodded eagerly, opened the door and took a cautious step in. Ed tried to get the other’s attention.

“Pssst, Rolf!” Ed tried, sitting next to the blue-haired farm boy in an empty desk. Rolf looked up from his notebook to see Ed, pleasantly surprised.

“Ah, fist-in-mouth Ed-boy,” he greeted, voice clear despite being in the library, “What brings you here to pester Rolf today?” Ed only smiled as he sifted through the inner pocket of his jacket to pull out a baby chick he happened to keep there. It peeped at Rolf, desperate to be released from its current captor. Ed watched Rolf grow red with rage as the peaceful silence grew ominous with the farm boy’s emotions.

He rolled up his sleeves and climbed onto the top of the table, “You have brought on the wrath of Rolf once again, Ed-boy!” His voice echoed through the confines of the library as other student’s heads turned at the disruption. Ed tried to keep calm though he broke into a nervous sweat and pocketed the baby chick once more. Kevin and Eddy could hear the muffled battle cry from inside. The door, however, did not survive as it broke down when Ed scrambled out with Rolf in tow.

“Atta-boy, Ed! Just get him where we want ‘im!” Eddy and Kevin jogged behind as they attempted to keep up. It was hard considering that they were trying to tail a frightful Ed and a rampaging Rolf waving a shoe over his head.

It was when Ed got cornered by the Janitor’s office that Eddy intervened and jumped in between them, “Woah there, Rolfy-boy,” Eddy said confidently, “let’s not get too hasty.” Rolf’s anger faltered to confusion before switching to suspicion. It was when Kevin came to his side that Rolf backed down.

“Hello, show-off biker Kevin,” Rolf greeted though he eyed the other two Ed’s with suspicion.

“Hey, man,” Kevin hummed though he felt awkward about the situation, “Can you hear these guys out just this once?”

Rolf stared at Kevin like he grew a second head.  “…say what?”

“You heard me, dude, it’s kinda serious this time. Need your help,” Kevin shrugged to play down the situation’s severity. It felt awkward and Rolf’s hesitance did not make him feel any better.

“You have bamboozled the son of a shepherd. Have the Ed-boys turned bread-slice Kevin’s noggin into mashed potatoes?” Rolf asked all too seriously. Kevin shook his head as he opened the door to the janitor’s office to point at Eddward who still lay unconscious on the floor.

“We need to keep that away,” Kevin cut to the point and stayed straight forward.

Rolf blinked a few times, “You have killed the smart Ed-boy—?”

“He’s not dead, Rolf,” both Eddy and Kevin chimed in. Rolf was only able to stare between the three other teens before lowering his guard, tense shoulders easing.

“What does Rolf gain if he agrees to your tomfoolery?” He narrowed his eyes at Eddy specifically. Eddy was caught off guard by the demand when the tables turned. They seemed to forget at times that they were dealing with someone that came from a family of animal traders and farmers; Rolf was far from stupid despite his backwards ways.

“Um…w-welll…,” Eddy’s eyes darted around before he found a solution, “You get Ed! The big lug can help you at the farm and shovel poop and stuff and whatever. So are you in or not?”

Rolf seemed to think for a moment as he eyed Ed before coming to a decision, his hand held out as he spoke, “The Ed boy gives Rolf his chicken back and then we can agree, yes?” The farm boy motioned for the little chick that was still in Ed’s grasp to be returned. Kevin and Eddy watched as Ed unwillingly returned the baby animal as it disappeared into the wool of Rolf’s sweater. Kevin could not believe this entire transaction went as well as it did. He doubted he could ever do this as well as Eddy did under this sort of scrutiny and pressure.

The farm boy gave them a nod as he rolled up his sleeves before effortlessly hoisting Eddward’s motionless form over his shoulder. With a thumb and fore-finger between his lips, Rolf let out a loud and shrill whistle that had the other teens cringing. It was silent as the sound echoed throughout the hall before they heard hooves thunder across linoleum. It came closer and closer before Victor came to a screeching halt in front of Rolf. The animal bleated at all of them before chewing its cud once more.

“The son of a shepherd will keep his word, ” he smiled at them while the three could only blink at him in return, “Rolf will hide your misfortune!” With that, he sat atop of his trusted goat and gave it a swift kick to its rear before it charged off with him and his passenger in tow. The other boys could only stare after him until he was out of sight


The room in the hospital remained black aside from the single window that allowed the dwindling sunlight in from across the hospital room. Darkness and silence invited the teen in though he stood rigid at the door, unwilling to move further. Kevin adjusted his glasses, feeling a chill waft through him. He wanted to go in and keep Eddward company but the hairs standing on the back of his neck dissuaded him.

“Eddward..?” Kevin tried though he knew it was silly to expect a response. Perhaps he yearned for some sort of signal that it was okay to enter. All he could hear was the heart monitor beeping at the other teen’s bedside. It was all Kevin needed to encourage that first step in.

Another followed, and another, and another…

He sat by Eddward’s bedside as he kept to the routine in hopes that the other would wake up once again. Once that happened then maybe, just maybe, they would find some sort of happiness. Maybe Kevin could let go of the guilt that weighed him down during the cold and rainy autumn.


Eddward’s slumbering face offered some comfort no matter how indirectly. The shallow breaths he took reminded Kevin that he was still alive and would come back once this blasted nap allowed him to wake. The red-head would wait, that much he could promise. He finished his take-home assignments, ate a hotdog as he played his video games and finally rested his head against Eddward’s arm to sleep.

All he received were nightmares.


The jock tried to calm down Rolf the best he could, “Dude, what do you mean?!” The farm boy chattered frantically through, the sentences were scrambled as it mixed languages and grew harder to decipher. Kevin did not know Rolf was capable of working a phone let alone use one—but none of this was making sense!

“Rolf—ROLF!” Kevin barked into the receiver and was finally granted a moment of brief, silent attention from the other before more mismatched sentences poured out, “I’m coming over there—I said I’m coming right now! Just stop panicking…I’ll explain it to your Nana for you if I have to!”



Kevin sighed as he finished the call and rubbed a bewildered hand over his face. The school day barely ended and this whole situation was already a disaster. From what the teen could figure out through the spoken jumble, Rolf was already backing out of keeping tabs on Eddward. It had something to do with one of the farm boy’s superstitions and from the sounds of it Rolf was clearly spooked. Without further ceremony, Kevin got on his motorcycle and rode off from the cul de sac to the farm.

He arrived at Rolf’s house to find the farm boy standing right in the front lawn.

“What’s going on, Rolf?” Kevin asked once he killed the motor and skipped cordial greetings. Rolf’s happy-go-lucky demeanor was absent and despite being physically stronger than Kevin himself, the former was shaking like a leaf.

The jock tried again, wary of this behavior, “Rolf? Tell me what happened.”

“Come,” he finally spoke, voice shuddering, “sport-boy-Kevin must see with his eyes not his ears.” Kevin felt a lanky arm come around him as Rolf guided him to the compact farm behind the house. The first thing that the redhead noticed was that it was eerily quiet. It was usually a chorus of noises on Rolf’s property, from pig squeals to chicken clucks. All the animals were hunkered down in their pens and stalls without a single peep. The shed by the fence had the door ajar as it creaked open and close with the autumn breeze. Rolf did not allow him time to hesitate as he urged him along towards it. One look inside confirmed that Eddward was gone without a single trace.

Kevin furrowed his brow, confused, “Okay, I believe you, man, he’s gone. But I don’t get what—” He stopped himself when he saw the grave expression on Rolf’s face.

“Yes, the burden has left but it is not why Rolf has asked for the visit,” he spoke, “But the shed door was locked last Rolf saw.” Kevin blinked.

“What? He couldn’t have just walked right through it, Rolf.” This was one of the most outlandish things Kevin has heard from the farm boy—and he’d heard a lot being friends with him over the years. But Rolf remained silent as he kept eye contact with Kevin; he was serious.

“See the animals?” he motioned to the pigs and the cows, “They know.”

“Yeah?” Kevin hesitated.

Rolf grabbed the front of his sweater to pull him up, obvious fear and panic in his eyes, “You have brought a dark spirit upon us! ROLF’S FARM IS CURSED!” Kevin removed the other’s hands from his clothing.

“What?!”  Kevin sputtered, “You mean this is about an old wives’ tale?!”

“Do not speak of Rolf’s Nana in such foul ways.”

“Whatever! The point is the guy is gone and now I can’t get any more answers out of him!”

Rolf grabbed the front of Kevin’s sweater again and spoke in a low, intimidating tone, “Tell Rolf the story of this strange Ed-boy or show-off Kevin will be eating porridge through straws for many days and nights.”  

Kevin figured he had very little choice.


There was a shadow. He did not know why it was there as it followed Eddward. Kevin tried to keep up as best he could. Yet no matter how close he got they were still so far away. He tried shouting to the other in a desperate attempt to get his attention. It did not work; Eddward did not hear him and continued on his assumed route. The shadow still kept close to the teen, proximity ever growing. Kevin screamed for him to run but it was too late as it swallowed up the other.

He remembered the car; pitch black and all too familiar. It lay in the ditch on its side while the engine smoldered and the night air smelled of burned rubber. He recalled the motionless form in the driver’s seat. Kevin remembered how unwilling he was to look any closer or how his hand fumbled for the phone in his pocket. He did not stay when he finished his call. Why he did not, Kevin was not so sure. Perhaps he was afraid, maybe he did not want the responsibility. He rode off on his bike as he tried to put as much distance as he could between himself and the site of the accident. Later, he realized, it was out of guilt.

It was his fault after all.

Kevin woke with a start, glasses askew on his face and baseball cap crooked. He held a hand over his chest to calm his speeding heart. Eddward was still trapped in his slumber, peaceful despite the other’s distress. It was another moment before he calmed, sighing as he righted his accessories once more.

He dreamed about Eddward again. It was the same reoccurring one that he seemed helpless to resolve each and every time. Though he could not say that the reality was any different as his hand wandered to caress Eddward’s cheek. It was velvet smooth and soft to the touch as the other’s expression remained serene despite the prodding. Such a sadness to be so close yet at the same time so far far away. Kevin hoped that his touches would rouse Eddward from his sleep or get through to him in some form. How he wished.

But days upon weeks of being in the hospital were not kind to Eddward’s features no matter how flawless they were at first glance. His cheeks were sunken in as the bruises across his face were a sickish shade of healed yellow and green. Lips once plush were now chapped dry. The luster he once possessed was now matte as Eddward looked so close to death yet still so alive.  

His hand went up to Eddward’s forehead, stroking over his brow in caring swipes. Kevin was mindful of the hat as his hand paused before it dared to touch the fabric and repeat the motion. He remembered how Eddward made such a fuss about the article. It had to be arranged at a certain level on his head while he snapped at those who dared to touch it or shift it from its place. Kevin wanted to be respectful of the other’s privacy but curiosity was a stronger mistress as he finally let a thumb slip under the beanie. A part of him expected Eddward to open his eyes and immediately scold him for the action. It did not happen as Kevin grew a little bolder and, finally, took it off.

Jet black hair revealed itself as the locks shifted. They were greasy and stuck together from days of collected body oil without being rinsed. If Eddward were awake, he would have found the lack of hygiene rather unsightly before he took care of it.

Kevin did not see what the big deal was. Sure, Eddward’s hair was a little on the longer side but other than that—the red-head gasped sharply, his hand flinching when his fingers grazed over something foreign. At first he thought he touched one of the injuries that were still healing on Eddward’s scalp. But it did not feel like a scab or stitches. It was foreign yet soft and fleshy.

Kevin continued as he cleared the bangs from Eddward’s forehead with the greatest of care until he saw it. It was a big angular scar that started above his eyebrow before it trailed up into his hair. At first Kevin thought it was silly how the other went through such great lengths to hide it—for years!—yet somehow it seemed justifiable. It was massive and in an unignorable spot. He looked down at Eddward’s face, expecting a look of sharp disapproval when there was none to be had. With that thought aside, there was nothing to stop him as Kevin ran his hand along it.

A sharp surge flowed through him as he could see through its eyes as it ran through his back, down his arm and into Eddward. Kevin could not stop it even if he tried, hand unwilling to break contact and his senses too in shock to do so. The shadow surged through a neighborhood, into a farm and through someone in a red cap and an orange sweater. The sensation was odd once they went through the teen. It was indescribable as the connection was made, the sense of two beings feeling so alike and familiar despite the obvious difference.

He was unable to dwell on it as Kevin cried out, the overbearing force broke contact as the redhead fell backwards out of his chair. The teen lay on the floor, gasping as his frame shook while his breaths puffed in the frigid air. Was it always so cold in this room? Kevin did not know and was not in the state of mind to contemplate it. Cold sweat was wiped from his brow as he shakily sat up and stared at Eddward’s still form. Whatever that thing was, it was in Eddward. That alone allowed Kevin to put the pieces together; the reoccurring dreams, Eddward’s nightmares…

Although Kevin now understood a little better despite how little this made sense, he now knew what he had to do. He had to wake up Eddward.



“And that’s what got us here, Rolf,” the jock finished retelling his story to the farm boy. Kevin expected to be mocked and laughed at for how absurd this all sounded. But Rolf only looked at him, expression grave as he thought over every word. He was quiet as he looked at the ground before returning his gaze to the other.

“There is a story in the old country about this,” he finally said, “Rolf has spoken of the creatures before.” The other teen stared at him, skeptical of the coming explanation though at this point Kevin had little room to dismiss what he had to say. If he could make sense of what was going on, then Kevin was all ears.

“They are called the—” Rolf made an odd gurgling sound as he twiddled a finger over his lips. Kevin blinked, recognizing the sound. He heard it once before when he hosted a pool party in the summer and invited all the kids in the neighborhood over—minus the Eds. Jimmy had innocently showed a home-cooked food item to the farm boy at the time; a quiche or whatever the softie called it. Rolf had immediately panicked and ran off screaming at the top of his lungs how the party was cursed. Poor Jimmy was crying for a decent portion of the party before Sarah was able to calm him down.

Kevin sighed to himself and went with what was offered, “Alright, what do those whatevers do?”

“It is a curse!”

“Okay, Rolf, I get that,” Kevin rolled his eyes at the other’s dramatics, “What are we in for?”

“The end.”

Kevin blinked, surprised at how absolute that sounded. It all seemed so ludicrous but the jock no longer found it in him to disbelieve any of this. Everything he had gone through had been a screwed up roller coaster ride. It had been under twenty four hours and all he knew and understood was turned upside down.

He finally found his voice to ask for clarification, “The end of what, dude?” Rolf seemed lost for words, unable to find the vocabulary to explain any further.

“It is as Rolf says, friend,” he finally said, tone soft.

“So what now, man?”

“We find the monster that is in our pasture.”

“Then what?”

“Rolf does not know this either, muscle-head-Kevin. But the beast cannot be let to roam.”

Kevin nodded in agreement, “Looks like we better start searching. Whatever it wants it’s definitely after Double D.” Rolf nodded as he watched the jock turn to walk ahead of him out of the gate.

There was an odd noise that Kevin could not quite identify. It sounded distant and soft like a breeze rustling through the dead leaves on the ground. The noise intensified and turned from a rumble into an unbearable static.

It did not register with him to turn around until Rolf’s startled warning prompted him to do so, “KEVIN!” The jock turned just in time to see a darkness whip through the air faster than he could blink. It wooshed through him in an instant, surging through his torso at surprising intensity. His flesh was penetrated, veins explored and guts tainted as it passed. It took his very breath away as it tore through him as he fell to his knees.

Images rushed through his mind’s eye as the rate overwhelmed him. He saw an argument between two individuals. Glass broke at a party as shouts and insults were thrown between them. A windshield shattered as a car crashed and an airbag deployed. There was a hospital bed and a shadow full of teeth that raged through veins and neurons. Kevin could see someone akin to him, smaller framed but the connectional “sameness” was still there. It was like he knew this person despite not knowing. The image flashed to the cul-de-sac as it tore through in spirals and twists and turns that had Kevin’s head spinning. It clipped through his fence and phased through his garage before he saw it tear into his kitchen. He could see a petite, beanie wearing form by the kitchen sink washing dishes. They turned around in shock as the shadow rushed straight to him before darkness granted Kevin’s inner vision some peace.

The jock was on all fours in Rolf’s front lawn, sweating and shaking as he tried to catch his breath. The farm boy was next to him as he tried to help Kevin calm and regain his bearing. But once Kevin managed, he bolted upright as he scrambled to his bike.

“Double D’s in trouble!”

Rolf looked at him, “What?”

“I gotta go!” Kevin said as he started his bike, “NOW!”

[To be continued in Part 16]