hello my sweet sweet ship…it’s been a while :D..don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these two (three ?)

you might be familiar with these scenes..yes…it’s from Steven Universe’s episode “Last out of beach city”…all I could think about this episode,well besides the fact that Pearl has finally got a new love interest (?), is I’m imagining that Edd was Pearl and the Mystery Girl was Kevin…they’re somewhat fit for the character XDD…I love this episode…I’ll try to draw them in other scenes if I got the time


(i don’t own any of these character..I’m just a mere fan both of these show and this ship)

Nathan Kedd Goldberg © c2ndyac1d

Edd,Edd n Eddy/Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

fan art ©Spogunasya

Things I used to think before Tumblr

1. Canon was law. And when you made fan fiction, it had to be canon-correct
2. You can’t make a gay ship with a canonically straight person, and vice versa
3. I couldn’t make my mind to most of the gay ship there were. Except for Malec, and I had a hard time. Even when they were canon
4. I thought that JK Rowling was the best
5. I thought that Percy Jackson books were as bad as the movie (I was so dam wrong)
6. I thought US’ racism wasn’t as bad as people told me (I wad kinda right. It wasn’t. It is worse)
7. I hated everything related to US’ history (Yes, I’m referring to Hamilton here)
8. I thought I was straight

Add more if you’d like

Fanfic pet peeve #1

‘Oh no!!!! I feel butterflies in my stomach for this person of the same sex as me! But I’m StRaIgHt ™ and I’m NOT GAY ™!!!!!!’

Like, cool dude, you’re not gay. Ever thought about you could be, oh, I dunno? BISEXUAL? PANSEXUAL? POLYSEXUAL?

It’s like, you can be either 100% gay or 100% straight, no in between. Bisexuality (as well as pan and poly) are just non-existent ™ and therefore out of the question. Of course.