Shameless US, racebending

Zoe Saldana as Fiona Gallagher
Donald Glover as Lip Gallagher
Tyler James Williams as Ian Gallagher
Jon Michael Hill as Mickey Milkovich
Jaden Smith as Carl Gallagher
Quvenzhané Wallis as Debbie Gallagher
Samuel Jackson as Terry Milkovich
Azealia Banks as Mandy Milkovich
Eddie Murphy as Kev Ball

This is just an idea. I love the show and the actors are phenomenal, but this would be pretty cool too.


What If…The Judges Did The Ads?

One-off comic Judge Dredd tale sending up popular commercials on UK TV in the late ‘80s,so if you’re under 30 you may not have caught them,but they’re still fun,each one drawn by a top art droid.

  1. Chunky chocolate bar spoof-Brett Ewins
  2. Popular German car ad sent up by Cam Kennedy.
  3. Judge Death’s favourite nasal decongestant!-Kev O'Neill.
  4. A certain French vehicle,not so popular in MC-1!-Robin Smith.
  5. Don’t remove your jeans to wash them in Mega-City-Ian Gibson.

Judge Dredd:What If..The Judges Did The Ads?(Prog521,9May'87).