kev o'neill

There are some comics that were key in developing my tastes, and this is one of them. This comic cover is… well, it’s really, really special to me.

I loved Kev O'Neill’s work before this, and I’ve loved his work after this.  The Martial Law one-shot, Kingdom of the Blind, was also another major comic book moment for me, but Toxic! #1’s cover is something else.  Behind this cover are some truly amazing pieces of comic art.  O'Neill, Martin Emond, Will Simpson, Bisley and, most importantly, the amazing Mike McMahon at his best (seriously, I don’t think he’s produced better art than that on Muto Maniac, despite it being so short lived).

It’s a shame Toxic! folded, and that it had so many production problems that led to dropped strips, strips going missing for a few issues mid-story, and all the pay shenanigans.  And the really horrible out-of-place strips like The Driver or Dinnerladies From Hell.  Awful comics those.

Toxic! will always have a place in my heart.  It was, for example, the first time I got to see Duke Mighten’s art.  It was also where I first saw Enrique Alcatena.  But most importantly, it was where I got to see this cover.  Damn this cover is good, and I’m not even sure I know why!