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As long as I’m going through my camera, here’s a picture from last year of an oddish planter. :) Hand-cast in blue resin from a sculpture I made, with a hand-painted face, sealed with a matte varnish and UV-protective spray. He’s designed to fit a recycled K-cup (from Keurig coffee machines) as a seedling planter.

Oddish is  under-appreciated, they’re cuties. :)

You Want To Play A Game Of What?? - Part 2

I Just Can’t Help Myself - Sequel to You Want To Play A Game of What??

Author: JamieMac26

Warnings: Smut - Mature Rating

I sat in my living room, on the floor surrounded by mounds of paperwork. A huge project at work had kept me busy and away from my normal social life. I hadn’t even had time to have much contact with Dylan, not since the night of our strip baseball game. I had replayed the moment in my mind several times, a smile always managing to find a way to my face. I squinted at the  large binder propped up in my lap. The words were starting to blur and I was having a hard time maintaining my focus. I needed to take a break but I knew that it would be a long time coming. Giving up hope, I settled for an additional cup of coffee instead.  Unburying myself, I padded into the kitchen. The overused and beloved Keurig machine gleamed in the bright lights above the sink. I sighed, leaning against the counter, as I waited for the dark liquid to finish brewing. The quiet the evening, was disrupted by the trill of the phone, as it sounded from the other room. I groaned, wondering which one of my bosses was about to bring further torture into my life by the additional information that needed to urgently be added before tomorrow morning’s meeting. I pushed paper after paper aside, digging through the piles, frantically trying to find the small device. The glow of the screen created enough light, that I managed to spy it out of the corner of my eye.  A huge grin broke on my face as I saw the name on the screen.  I quickly unlocked it, reading the message that he had sent….

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Pour Over Stations

Pour Over Stations….

External image

A beautifully handmade piece that provides a quick & delicious cup of coffee. I know many of you out there love your single cup Keurig machines. I get that…they are quick and super easy to use. I owned one too, many years ago. AND…I bought a commercial version that was plumbed right into my water system. 

The one thing that we never liked about our Keurig was that the coffee never seemed hot enough. I know that is probably more MY problem than the machine, but I do like a hot cup of coffee and I do like to sip and enjoy and not have it cool down so fast. 

External image

Since starting our business and roasting coffee, Johnny has been searching for unique ways to build simple pour over stations that we could take with us everywhere and enjoy a great cup of coffee. We’ve seen many wonderful ideas via Pinterest and have created some of our own. 

We are looking to build additional stations using salvaged items and maybe adding other elements. Johnny enjoys working with wood so I had him create a large pour over station where I could pour up to 3 single cups of coffee. I wanted a couple so I could take with me to “Home Parties” or events. These work great as I can travel and use them as a crate to fill with coffee, creamer, sugar etc. Many people have really liked them and Johnny has begun designing other styles that are smaller or more compact for any size home. 

External image

External image

What is great about these in wood is that we can stain the station and possibly add initials or a name. You see here I have our logo. We are also looking into wood burning as well. 

The neat thing is that you can hide all your items like the ceramic pour over, creamer, sugar, honey etc. and flip it around so it shows just the front. It fits under the cabinet too. 

Another style Johnny & I really like is more of an industrial style. So with the help of Pinterest we made this copper tubing style. Equipped with a heat proof funnel!

External image

I love the simplicity of it and its compact to hide anywhere you wish. A customer of mine saw some Instagram pics of it and loved it so much, she wanted to have Johnny make her one for her office! 

External image

We are going to be adding more of these pour over stations on our website, however, if you are interested in a wood style or our industrial copper style…drop me a line…I would love to chat! 

Lolita 💋 

fall time with luke where he’s always grumpy in the cold and hides his red nose behind knit scarves and wearing matching leather jackets and lacing up each other’s boots and going as spongebob & patrick for halloween per his request and snuggling up under blankets while watching old scary movies, drinking chai tea that he took a half hour to learn how to make in the keurig machine and getting in to elaborate leaf fights where you each end up with pieces of crinkly brown leaves weaved in to your hair, spending the rest of the night getting them out and just. fall time with luke (◡‿◡✿)

Iced White Mocha

Originally posted by bunminsook

Title: Iced White Mocha

Pairing: Jaebum (JB) x You

Synopsis: You knew starting a new job at this new coffee shop was a bad idea when you found out they didn’t have any Keurig machines to make the coffee with. And on top of that, why is that hot customer staring at you fail in life?

A/N: I REACHED 700 FOLLOWERS! I’M SCREAMING! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS! SO SURPRISE TO THIS NEW LITTLE SCENARIO! This is gonna be a mini-series by the way! I’m excited for this. I’M STILL WORKING ON GOLDEN! I just wanted to write a quick little something to say THANK YOU! I honestly love you all and I really don’t deserve the love you guys show me! I really hope you enjoy this drabble thing? If you guys like it, I’ll write multiple parts like an ongoing series almost. If not then I’ll trash that idea. Anyways, enjoy <3 WAIT! ALSO THANKS TO THE ANON WHO GAVE ME THIS IDEA! :)

         “And that’s the basics of mochas, you got it, newbie?” Your new coworker, Min, said in a disinterested tone as she smacked loudly on her gum.

         “Uh…” You looked at her perfectly made cup of mocha and then back at her. “If I need help-“

         “Honestly, it’s just coffee. You’ll be fine,” She rolled her eyes as she walked off to go on her break. You could faintly hear her mumbling under her breath about always getting stuck training the new people. It was your fifth day on the job and honestly, you had no idea that being a barista would be such hard work. When your dad mentioned that the local coffee shop down the street was hiring, you jumped at the opportunity to apply. You thought since you knew how to work the Keurig coffee maker at your house then you could certainly make coffee and other related drinks at a coffee shop. Plus, they had a nice weekly pay that could help you save up to move out from your parents’ house. How hard could it be, right? Boy, were you wrong. You should’ve known this was a bad idea when instead being interviewed by the owner of the shop, another barista interviewed you instead and he was just interested in knowing what brand of BB cream you used that made your skin look flawless. Once you told him, he immediately hired you.

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Birthday gifts for the signs

Aries: Sports tickets, skydiving lessons, and a keurig machine

Taurus: FOOD, money, cashmere blanket, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory

Gemini: iPhone 6 with unlimited calling, journals, luggage, cute ass knick knacks

Cancer: free hug coupons, a new sofa, a puppy

Leo: gold jewelry, movie tickets, trip to 6 flags or Vegas, iTunes gift cards

Virgo: gardening tools and plants, non fiction books, gift card to an organic food store, stand up comedy show, massage

Libra: charm bracelet, expensive wine, spa day, perfume

Scorpio: sex and a target gift card

Sagittarius: luggage, airline passes, hiking boots

Capricorn: Dinner at a fancy restaurant, day planner, antiques, bathrobe

Aquarius: DVD player, puzzles and fun board games, socks

Pisces: candles, aquarium with fish, bubble bath, concert tickets

Big News Closed RP


Becky woke up early that morning to run errands. Finn was due back in town from a show in the afternoon and she had several things to get set up for their 2 year anniversary night. She stretched out in the bed and made her way to the kitchen to make coffee. She set the Keurig machine up and started it but the moment the smell of the coffee hit her nose, which was usually her favorite thing in the morning, she was sent running for the bathroom to throw up. She gently hugged the toilet bowl for a moment before shaking it off and making her way back into the kitchen and pouring out the coffee. 

“That was weird..” she muttered to herself. She opted for just water with a light breakfast and started to feel okay again. She shrugged it off. She text Charlotte and Paige to see if they were still on for a mani pedi in a couple hours. After getting ready she set out on her day.

[Text to: King] Can’t wait to see you tonight, I miss you, and I love you! <3 

[Text to: King] Have a safe flight!

 She picked up a new outfit, made reservations, and picked up a Lego set that was almost impossible to find that had finally come in. When she met Paige and Charlotte for their spa time she felt another wave of nausea.

“You okay, Becks?” Charlotte asked as they were led to their pedicure chairs.

“Yeah, just been feeling a little gross today…. Trying to shake it off before I see Finn tonight though.” Becky managed as she asked for a sparking water from the lady helping her. 

“You’re pregnant.” Paige said laughing, as a joke. 

Becky laughed with her for a moment and then stopped to think, as the lady rubbed her feet. It had been several weeks since her last period, and she was on birth control. She shook her head…. No way… She thought.

After finishing with the girls she set off back home but couldn’t shake the feeling. She stopped at a market and picked up a pack of three tests. When she got home she took one. She paced around the bathroom as she waited the excruciatingly long three minutes for it to process. 

“Shit….” she whispered as she looked at the stick.

7 minutes (14/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra), Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13FF

A/N: Not sure if this reminder is necessary, but this story is rated M folks. ;)

From her perch on the sofa, Emma watches at the rising sun casts a glow over the city and bright orange rays reflect off the many windowed skyscrapers lining Market Street below. A new day is dawning, both outside and in, thoughts of the last twenty four hours swirling in her brain as she quietly sips her coffee (thank god for in room Keurig machines). Her eyes wander to the man sleeping soundly mere feet away, his arms wrapped tightly around her abandoned pillow and she can’t help but wonder if he believes he is holding her instead. An hour ago he was. When she awoke wrapped in his embrace she realized that she needed a moment to think, a bit of space to wrap her head around what she is feeling and his arms felt too good, his comfort too easy. She’s not accustomed to easy. 

He loves her. She knew it to be true before, but now that the words have been spoken aloud and the earth-shattering lovemaking that followed, she woke feeling as though everything really has changed. But the longer she’s sat here she’s begun to wonder if maybe it hasn’t? If he’s truly loved her all this time, which she believes to be true, the only thing actually changing is her. Hiding her face behind her mug, she continues to watches him sleep, her mind wandering to the night before and his declaration and she realizes something was missing…her fear. She’s not scared, not at all. The idea of letting him love her, and loving him in return, feels absolutely right. In fact, the only thing she fears is the thought of him waking alone, any second of him questioning her feelings not something he deserves. 

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