We have such great fans, and we have these great songs and I don’t think people realize it yet. I feel like it’s just starting to be acknowledged that we are survivors and that we are actually accomplished. And more than that, we have these songs that I feel so strongly about. I feel like I’m singing karaoke sometimes — like, I’m up there singing and will suddenly have this feeling like, wow, these are great songs and they are my songs, our songs. - Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers Speaks With Mike Jones of DC101

Brandon Flowers recently spoke with Mike Jones of DC101.

In the interview, Brandon discusses his Wrigley Field performance, his favorite spots in Las Vegas, how the tour is going, the recording process for ‘The Desired Effect’, the collaborations he has participated in, the iHeartRadio Music Festival, The Killers annual Christmas song, and recording The Killers’ fifth studio album.

Of note, Brandon confirms ‘Digging Up The Heart’ was a contender to be released on ‘Direct Hits’, semi-confirms that The Killers will release their tenth RED Christmas song, and indicates The Killers may be back in the studio as soon as October.