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Day 3: Your first Korean Drama?

You’re Beautiful!

Totally loved it! While watching those gifs over and over again… Shin Woo Oppa, please… not so many emotions!!!

The fact that the You Are Beautiful Cast are still friends makes me super happy

Geun Suk and Shin Hye (ft. Hongki chilling in the back) in 2009:

Geun Suk and Shin Hye in 2014:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2009:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2013:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2009:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2012:

Hongki, Shin Hye and Yonghwa at an event together:

But I do really want an updated Brot4 picture~

  • Jang Keun-suk: Attention girls! This week we've decided to change the colours of the ranks because I lost a bet with the coaches. So! your new colours will be...
  • JKS: F get heliotrope and lemon. Don't know how that's gonna look, but hey, you'll be easier to spot!
  • JKS: D and B are looking fashionable in vantablack and 'pinkest pink', not sure how we're gonna manage that.
  • JKS: C get pecan, just like Chaeyeon's eyes in bad fanfics. Sorry, orbs.
  • JKS: And A will wear tie-dye exclusively now. Yes, even your underwear.