A message from Brasil...
This is why I do what I do:
  Hi Keturah Ariel, My name is Rebeca, I’m from Brasil, I’m sorry for my poor english, but I wanted to send you an e-mail and in gratitude for your drawings I send my humble drawings for you too see, they may not be as beautiful as yours, but the are from my heart, as your drawings are from the bottom of your heart. My friend SANDRA is a beautiful black young girl, she struggled really hard and graduated this year. She and I work at the same place, Im a low level worker than her, since she is graduated. She had your drawings on her desktop and since I like to draw I asked her "who didi it?” and she said “I don’t know, I found it at the internet” but I looked close and saw a name “ARIEL” in every corner, and decided to GOOGLE it “Ariel Black Girls” and found you. Jane is another black girl from my work, she has long hair, and she is older than us. She graduated last year, she inspires me a lot because she also had difficulties in her life but managed to graduate last year. She did her best, as Diana that is graduated too. All us are Black girls. They all isnpire me as those two socers I put there Dante and Felipe Santana and the singers CYRSTAL KAY and CORINNE BAILEY RAE.  The thing is that Jane, Sandra and Diana they love to see what I draw, they really like to see my drawings, my animations and they support me a lot. They don’t speak english  but when I found your website I had to translate what you said about art, about being an artist and they felt really touched, because they were kinda looking through that and seeing me. Do you know what I mean? well, of course I’m not comparing, I still have much to learn and much to draw. For sure. But what I’m trying to say is that your words, your life is also and ispiration. It’s definitely amazing when a black perosn has success, I’m not being racist, no. I like when white people do it too, but it is more personal when a black person do what you dream to do, when she is a winner. Or when a Brazilian like DANTE and FELIPE SANTANA go to the FINALS of the MOST IMPORTANT  SOCCER LEAGUE! So your heart is full of a feeling you can’t describe. That’s how it was when I found about you at the internet. When I found somebody to look up to and see me. I can see my self when I look at you. I can say “hey, you can do it, look at Ariel, she did it.” So, I don’t have enough words to say how I feel, I don’t have enoug words to translate what I feel, the best word I can think right now is thank you. Thank you for never giving up, thank you for being so strong, thank you for believing on your dreams so you could open doors where people would say it’s ipossible. And now that the doors are open I feel like I can come in. Ariel, you are an amazing person.  I wish I could find the words, I wish. But there’s no need to words, just let the heart beat. :) If you have time, please, feel free to check my VIMEO with my short animations, most part of the music is in english, other are or in japanese or portuguese :

ABOVE: Rebeca and her friends, Rebeca is on the right :) BELOW: Drawings by Rebeca Santos.

I know you will see this Rebeca, and I just want to tell you: MUITO OBRIGADA ;). I will be in touch <3.