Nightmare and job notes

Had a nightmare about the same girl, again. Honestly, I would like nothing more than to rid her from memory, or at least find someone that can replace how inflated she became in my mind.

When I’m gone, the Canadian anthem is going to play in the background … except it will be the crappy 8-bit version, with someone singing in an accent.

The interview with the Kentucky school was postponed to Thursday.

It will not be something casually prepared for, like in the past. Rather than use natural answers, going to prepare by looking up the most common questions for an English instructor interview and giving canned (prepared) answers.

At least, if that is the preparation, failing will not hurt as much because the effort was 100 percent.

Is Social Inclusion going to run at Saratoga? Probably. He must be sent towards the lead, or he has no chance.


Some horses, no matter how reserved and relaxed in the first half, simply cannot offer a late kick after the final turn for whatever reason, perhaps for mental reasons even. It is possible Social Inclusion wrongly thinks slowing down in the stretch is quite logical.

This heavenly little gal is Millie.
Millie is a delightful, smart pit bull puppy. She is about 5 months old and weighs around 30lbs. She will grow to probably 50-60lbs.
Millie is almost fully housetrained. She lived in a foster home for a bit and learned how to potty outside.
Millie lived in a home with a cat and was very interested in the cat. She was a bit too interested but we feel with the right cat, she would be fine.
Millie is dog friendly and prefers dogs of her size or larger.
Millie loves to play tug. She loves peanut butter. She likes to go for walks.
Millie needs a family of her very own. Wouldn’t you like to add her to your family?
Her adoption fee is discounted this month only!! $100 adoption fee for Millie in April!