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Happy Monday 🤗 Have you worked out today? If not, here’s a quick and easy FULL BODY kettle bell routine
I used a 12lb and 18lb You’ll be fine with any weight at or over 10lb for each exercise
☝🏽 Remember to do each side on your single arm kettle bell swings AND Turkish gets Ups!


HIIT today. Hurt SO good. Can’t Wait. 

Do it!

8 x kettle bell swings - full lockout, please!
6 x thrusters. Clean. Squat. Up. Press. Repeat.
250m row (Pretty pumped - My PR: 250m in 60s flat)
8 x single leg Romanian deadlift with row (and heavy weight), each side. Focus on a single spot, don’t admire yourself in the mirror. Egos are not sexy.
40 bicycle crunches. Full leg extension and opposite side turn.
6 box jumps
10 x bosu burpees. Or full burpees. Whatever floats your boat.
¼ mi sprint. SPRINT.
60 second wall sit. 90-90, sweetcheeks.

60 second rest. 

3 Rounds.

Burn, baby. Burn. 

I received this great plan yesterday, and I decided to do it. The first week is super easy and is just tracking how much sugar I actually consume. Yesterday was Day 1, and I consumed 105g of sugar! Embarrassingly, most of it was processed. Hopefully, I’ll be better today!

I also decided to do 50 kettle bell swings everyday this week. Today is Day 4, and I’m still going strong!


Did some cardio on my off lifting day today. Kettle bell swings are awesome for full body Hiit cardio. Squeeze the glutes when you come up and really engage the core. I feel like the swings carry through to my lifts and make me have much more stamina. Give these a try! Tag a friend and try it! I start with 20 pounds as a warm up and then finish at around 40lbs.
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May Goals

1. Complete 40 SBR workouts and 8 an workouts.
2. Drink 62 bottles of water.
3. Declutter back bedroom.
4. Be intentional with business.
5. Make weekly goals.
6. Complete sugar cut back program.
7. 310 kettle bell swings.
8. PR Olympic tri.
9. Make and stick to cleaning schedule.
10. Make and stick to study schedule.

So gym tonight was leg day.
Squats with 50lb Dumbbells on each shoulder. Incredibly awkward so depth really sucked.
Single leg deadlifts. I hate anything single leg but the deadlifts are okay.
Kettle bell ladder. Deadlift one kettle bell twice move to next higher weight kettle bell two squats then two deadlifts. Keep going up the ladder for progressively heavier kettle bells turn around and repeat.
Kettle bell swings with the kettle bell attached to a resistance band. Core has to be strong to keep the kettle bell swinging in a straight line. 30 sec facing one direction then face opposite way for another 30 sec
Finish off with hamstring curls and bridges.

Then came home and decided to polish off the wall sit challenge for the day. 2 mins with the 30 lbs Dumbbells. Quads were burning. Wife did the wall sit as well one minute no weights. She doesn’t understand how doing wall sits doesn’t kill my knees. But they don’t really bother them that much.

5/8/17 - WOD

Again with the double workouts!? At least they were short, quick ones.

First up was the benchmark WOD “Helen”. It was 3 rounds for time:

400m running
21 Kettle bell swings (I did 12kg)
12 pull ups (I scaled ring rows)

There was a 13 minute time cap and I ended up finishing in 12:58.

Second WOD had a 4 minute time cap. We had to run 400 meters then do as many power cleans as we could until time. I finished running just shy of 3 minutes and did 7 power cleans at 55lb.

Weekly Goals

1. Complete all 10 SBR workouts.
2. Drink 14 bottles of water.
3. Spend 2 hours decluttering back bedroom.
4. Do something everyday for business.
5. Complete Week 1 of sugar tracking.
6. Start Week 2 of sugar cut backs.
7. 100 kettle bell swings.
8. 2 an workouts.
9. Craft cleaning schedule.
10. Craft study schedule.
11. Run outside 2x.
12. Bike outside once.
13. Take vitamins everyday.
14. 1 yoga pose everyday.
15. 70,000+ steps.
16. Finish Alias Grace.
17. Walk at lunch 2x.
18. Try a new recipe.

Legs April 12

Squats using the ball against the wall again. I find these good for getting depth.
Kettle bell swings.
Did four sets of those two exercises. Didn’t time them just did as many reps as possible.
Step ups
Weighted bridges
Squats on a balance board
One minute each. Four sets.
Then practiced the trx handstands some more.
Right hamstring is dying. Left seems fine. So lopsided.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and decided to give IF (intermittent fasting) a try from Eat Stop Eat. As a single mom that works full time and is a full time student I don’t want to deal with the headache of tracking my calories and macros. I already eat pretty healthy and I’m hoping this gives my metabolism that fat burning boost to lean out a little before summer. We shall 👀!

Today was my first day of IF, I fasted for 24 hours got in a kettle bell swing workout and then broke my fast with a protein shake and I’ll eat a normal dinner tonight. I plan to do this 2 days a week. Hope it helps. I took a confidence hit when I decided to try on bikini bottoms at the mall today. Why does dressing room lighting have to show every flaw!?!

anonymous asked:

Hi susie i would like to request a one shot with Harry about you and him working out together. do whatever you want with it you're an amazing writer.

What about going to the gym with Harry? Your first time working out or something When you’re used to him as much as he is

Omg please bless us with gym sex!!!

Ok, I got this 3 times.  So…here ya go.

Early on in our relationship, Harry and I quickly picked out that we were going to have one of those competitive type of affairs.  We both enjoyed working out, running and being active but more often than not those activities evolved into a bet being of some sort followed by one or both of us pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion to win.

Sounds childish.  

It was.

It was also fun.  And arousing.  And it pushed both of us to do better.  And dear God when he beat me I wanted nothing more than to ride his cock for the rest of the night as a reward even though I’d never tell him that.  He was sexy as hell when he was cocky.  It was my kryptonite.  I couldn’t help it.  

So when he appeared in the doorway of the gym he’d built in the basement of his house, looking like he meant business in his workout gear with his hair pulled back off his face with a Nike band, I knew things were about to get interesting.

He saw me struggling to bench press a weight he knew I had never tried before and he rushed forward to help me get it back up on the rack,

“Love, you should’ve called me for a spot before doing this on your own.”

I grunted out a breath as the bar clanged onto the steel rack,

“I thought I had it.”

He frowned, deep wrinkles appearing on his forehead,

“You could’ve hurt yourself.”

There it was, the other turn on when the two of us were working out.  Harry’s concern for my well being.  He was always insistent the two of us were safe, me more than him most of the time.  He leaned down to grab the bottle of water I’d set near the rack and handed it to me as I sat up,

“Drink some water.  You’re looking pale.”

I took a few sips and glanced at him over my shoulder.  He was smirking though I couldn’t figure out why.  I took another sip,


He shook his head, leaning onto the bar,

“Nothing.  Just wondering how many you’d done before I got in here.”

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Tuesday:     Good Mornings & Squats.....Back Squats.....10 Minutes of Kettlebell and Burpee.....Run or Row.

ANNNND another gorgeous evening at the Barn.

Warmup:           4 Rounds            10 Good Mornings          10 Squats

Strength WOD:        Back Squats        3 Reps EMOM  X  10 Minutes        Use 70 to 80% of your 1 rep max.

Matt Mo=250     David=225          Allison and Kati=135.

The Easy WOD:     10 Minute AMRAP 

  • 2 Kettle Bell Swings     Elite  (70/44)     RX  (53/35)
  • 2 Goblet Squats    (same KB)
  • 2 Burpees

The next round is 4 reps, then 6, 8, 10, 12, ….etc.    Your score is the rep round that you finish plus extra reps completed.  No Shane rule.

Angel and Alicia were remarkable in that they worked side by side, pushing each other to excellent results:  Alicia=14 plus 10 reps RX, and Angel =14 even RX.   Also RXers, Larry = 14 plus 4, and Ryan/David = 14 plus 2.   Matt Mo did elite, getting 12 rounds plus 17 reps.  Allison and Kati did ladies elite, getting 12 plus 36, and 12 plus 14 respectively.  

Buy-Out:     Run 800m or Row 1000m.


The WOD was a typically sneaky CrossFit WOD which you guys at LHCF got to enjoy first in the entire World.  As I did it earlier, I noted that I was ready to quit at the 5 minute half way point.  It was a good one.

There has been a request (1) that we have the Mother’s Day Sunday WOD at a slightly later hour (2 pm instead of 1 pm) so all the Mother’s can celebrate how they got to be Mother’s.   Surprisingly, that day is always well attended by both genders.  Please post comments on What’s App.

Several flower beds along our driveway have been recently planted with flowers.  Miss Linda would appreciate if you would please refrain from your usual excursions  and not drive through the flower beds. 

There are multiple sissies complaining of CrossFit acquired injuries.  This results from our attendees not knowing their limits, and/or working out too many days a week and not taking rest days.  Most of you have taken 5 to 10 years to get in lousy condition.  You shouldn’t expect superb fitness overnight.  Be patient.  

Thursday at 4 PM.

I stayed at work until 7pm tonight purely because I didn’t trust myself. I knew if I went home at 5pm, there was no way I would leave in this cold weather and make to CrossFit at 7:30pm. And. And I didn’t trust myself to cook myself a healthy dinner and not eat crap food while lying on the couch wishing I wasn’t. (whoa. truth bomb right there.)

And so, despite constantly arguing with myself, I sat at work until 7pm. Then walked to CrossFit. And then worked my ass off (hopefully literally).

Today’s session was:


  • 3 x 10 Front Squats
  • 3 x 15 Kettle bell swings
  • 3 x 1m planks (I NEARLY DIED DOING THESE)

WOD: 3RFT (my time was 13:36)

  • 5 push-ups
  • 100 regular skips
  • 15 ball slams
  • 30 burpees (only done after the last round)

The coach, who I had never met before, told me I had great form, which was nice, but oh-boy, oh-boy, I felt like I was moving in slow motion.  I’m really really really going to hurt tomorrow. So many squats tonight, I swear I could feel my cellulite and muscles go to war with each other.

And, you guys, I made FRIENDS tonight at CrossFit (go me!).  We exchanged numbers, and then all walked to the grocery store together.  I hardly know anyone in my new area, so it was really nice to meet new people with a common interest (CrossFit) and talk about fitness.  We even spoke about going to watch regionals (a CrossFit competition - how exciting!).

Here’s what I bought for a whopping $74 from Metro. 

One of these things is not like the other, but… I swear ice-cream frozen yogurt is amazingly one of the few items I don’t binge on. I usually plop a single scoop in a ramekin, and that keeps me happy after dinner. Plus, I’m trying to do the whole “balance” thing. Because, well, I know I can be “all in” or “oh-hell-this-bad all out,” so I’m really trying to just be NORMAL these days (easier said than done). Anywho, I made myself a delicious beet, chicken salad for dinner and lunch for tomorrow.

Okay, okay… I am away of how boring my evening was, but I had a really healthy day, and feel a little hopeful. Hopeful I can maybe, just maybe kick my ass back into gear, and find a workout routine, and lose a few pounds, or 40. And now to shower, and sleep. Because tomorrow is another day. Another day I shall try to once again, make right, healthy, good decisions.

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Ended arms with a cardio circuit ••••• 20lb single arm kettle bell swings 4x20
Weighted crunches
Hanging leg raises

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Today was leg day and I killed it! I didn’t go super heavy cause I’m just getting back into lifting heavy with my legs so I don’t want to overdo it. But it still felt sooo good!

1/15 Workout:

Squats: 5x5 70-100#
Lunges: 5x5 70#
Kettle bell swings: 4x10 25#
Leg press: 5x5 140#
Calf raises: 5x5 140#
Leg extensions: 5x5 60#