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SCREM I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A GINTAMA IMAGIENS THANK YOU, can I request some cuddles with gin and a lazy reader cause I read your cuddles and they are A+

Aw, thanks so much! I hope this one meets your expectations as well!

              “Oi, oi, the hell are you doing on my couch?” Gintoki drawled at the dozing figure that had intruded in his house. (E/C) eyes opened blearily and lazily roamed over to him.

               “Sleeping; can’t you tell? Or is your simple mind too stupid to even understand that?” you retorted, a yawn merging into the end of your sentence.

               A vein popped out of Gintoki’s forehead. “Is that the way you treat the owner of the home you’ve broken into?”

               “Can you even call yourself the owner? Otose-san was telling me how you haven’t paid your rent for three months now.”

               “That’s beside the point!” He shook his head. “It’s a waste of time trying to talk sense into you. The point is, you need to get out. I need to sit there; you’re taking up the entire space and Ketsuno Ana’s show is starting soon.”

               “She’ll never love you.”

               “THAT’S NOT TRUE! KETSUNO ANA LOVES ALL HER FANS; SHE SAID SO HERSELF!” he shrieked, and you cringed at the ear-piercing sound. “That’s it! Leave already! I don’t need a freeloader! Gin-san here has enough trouble trying to pay the bills!”

               “You don’t pay your bills.”

               In response, he ripped your blanket from your grasp. Gintoki reached out to grab your shoulder so he could throw you out, only to howl in pain when sharp teeth clamped down onto his hand. He snatched his hand back and cradled it to his chest. “Did you just bite me, you little monster?!”

               You ‘hmph’ed and picked up the blanket that had fallen from his grip then curled up in it once more.

               “GIVE ME BACK MY COUCH!” Only silence was given in reply. “Fine, then I’ll sit on it by force!” He shoved you aside to sit beside you on the couch, taking half of your blanket and covering his lap with it. “There! What do you say to tha­–” He turned to you, only to deadpan at the sight of you sleeping.

               Your face was relaxed, different from your usual irritating smirk. Light, almost unnoticeable snores left your lips which were slightly pursed and a few locks of your silky hair fell into your closed eyes. It was almost cut–

               Gintoki shook his head vigorously. There was no way a monster like you could have even a modicum of cuteness.

               A small groan was heard and Gintoki felt a weight hit his shoulder. His eyes widened when he saw that your head had lolled onto him. “O-Oi, what the hell do you thi–?” He let out a squawk when your arm snaked around his waist and you proceeded to bury your face into his chest, seeking his warmth. You sighed contently, unaware of how your actions were affecting those not in the realm of sleep.

               Gintoki’s mind raced, pondering the possibilities. Should he shove you off? Hit you upside the head? Call the police? After thinking for a few long moments, he finally sighed in defeat and draped his arm around your shoulder.

               “Only this once. You should be glad that Gin-san is in such a generous mood.”




               “You disgusting perm-haired pervert! How dare you molest me in my sleep?!”

               “It wasn’t my fault! Besides, who’d want to molest someone as unsexy as yo­–?”



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May I have either a scenario or headcanons (whichever gives you more inspiration) on how Gintoki would react if his s/o had a crush on an idol (like how he has his crush on Ketsuno Ana) and whenever they come on tv, they unintentionally ignore Gin to watch the idol?

Aha I’ll be honest I really love this ask and felt I had to write a scenario (which I slightly regret due to how busy I am right now but eh)
(TBH this would be me if I had a date and they were with me when new anime came out)
Please enjoy!


It was a Saturday, which meant only one thing for Gintoki. Keep (y/n) away from a TV no matter what the cost.
See, Saturday was the day of the popular ‘Kabukicho Chart Hits’ which would play after his precious Ketsuno Ana weather report. And whilst it pained him to miss his second-favourite person in the world, it pained him more to see his s/o become Shinpachi. And Older, hotter Shinpachi, but still a Shinpachi nonetheless.

It wasn’t that he got ‘jealous’ of some random idol who didn’t know (y/n) was alive, he just… felt a fire be lit in his heart everytime you ran downstairs, still in your pyjamas with a huge fan-made banner draped around your shoulders, with your eyes sparkling, bouncing on your knees as you sang along to all the songs…
It was just that you wouldn’t listen to anything he said for an half-an-hour afterwards whilst you re-lived the experience in your head…
It was just that Gintoki was incredibly needy and your hyper-otaku self was always just out of his arms reach…

Yeah, something needed to be done.

Last week he had actually thrown the TV out of the window. Of course you had just gone to watch with Shinpachi instead, the two of you had formed some 'nerd alliance’ when he wasn’t looking. A while ago he had tried to rope Sacchan into helping him… and she had definitely let herself be 'roped’. Meaning she showed up at the door with lengths of rope and tried to tie herself to the bed. So that idea was scrapped…

He was still thinking of a plan he hadn’t used yet, when you came skidding out of your room, hair sticking up all over the place, clearly not fully awake, but looking adorable all the same, with that excited twinkle in your eye.

“Ah, good morning (y/n)!” Gintoki called, sitting up, and practically throwing his copy of jump across the room, where it slid of the tv screen.
“Mhm, morning,” you said, hurriedly, gathering your blankets around you and teasing the knots out of your hair, glancing up at the screen in anticipation.

“So…” Gintoki pressed on, very unsure of how to act in the face of you 'obsessive fan state’, but willing to power through anyway, “do you want to do anything today? Go out anywhere?”
Had this been any other time of any other day, you would have asked if he was either on his deathbed or had stolen some money. But today you just murmured an incoherent response, with your eyes glued to the TV screen.

Gintoki sighed, losing his patience.
“We could go out for a romantic dinner? On a boat! With flowers! The titanic?” He suggested, hurriedly, listing off the most ridiculous things he could.
“Yeah, yeah, that’d be nice…” you mumbled, shifting into a more comfortable position and beginning to hum one of the idols songs.

Gintoki’s nerves were shattered, as frustration took over.
“Let’s go to space, hey (y/n)?!? Let’s go abroad on a year long holiday and leave all the rent to Kagura and Shinpachi? We can set fire to the studio of 'Kabukicho Chart Hits’, doesn’t that sound nice!” He said, voice growing louder and tender all the more he spoke.
“Hey Gin-Chan, shut up for a sec,” you told him, slightly sharper than intended.

“You are a hopeless, idol-obsessed otaku, (y/n). You know that right?” He said, sitting down and crossing his arms grumpily.
You didn’t seem to notice his mini-pouting display, cheering with the crowd on TV as your favourite idol entered the stage.

Usually, Gintoki found the routine of you singing and dancing around the room the height of adorableness, but today he couldn’t make himself watch. He wanted snuggles, not some five-year-old-otaku!
Once the second song came on, he decided to play the ultimate trump card.
“Hey (y/n), I’m going to go die now, yes die, I’m matching off to war and I might never come back the sane again WOULDNT YOU AT LEAST LIKE TO SAY GOODBYE BEFORE YOUR BOYFRIEND DEPARTS FOREVER!”

He turned dramatically, waiting for a response.
“There’s no strawberry milk in the fridge, I’ll go later,” you brushed his words off as easily as shedding skin.
“Ugh, c'mon (y/n), is it possible to get anytime with you on a Saturday morning? Saturdays are meant to be spent snuggling in bed, not making me pretend to die to get a single kiss!”

“You do this every morning for the Ketsuno Ana report!” You pointed out absentmindedly, your thoughts clearly on the TV.
Gintoki grimaced. “That’s for five minutes, not half an hour!”

For the first time in the history of 'Saturday Silent Wartime starting Gintoki and (Y/n)’, as Kagura had dubbed it, you turned away from the TV.
The music was the same as you had always danced to and heard, but now it was simply reduced to static as you actually zoned back into the real world. The blankets, previous dancing props, were warm and sticky - suffocating. Climbing into the cool air was like being freed from a trance.

You grabbed the remote lying next to you and paused the TV, although the catchy tune still sung in your head and focusing on the voice of the silver-perm head was no simple task.
Tapping your foot impatiently you said, “Can’t we do this after the program?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. But don’t you think it’s not great to be in a relationship and be so obsessed with a guy who doesn’t know you exist?”
The question hung in the air like smoke, one he’d been wanting to ask for a while now.
You knew this, of course, but didn’t want to answer it. It sounded stupid.

Eventually, you opened your mouth to speak, although carefully.
“I guess I just… like their music. They’re cute too, but in the way a fictional character is cute… you like them but it seriously. That’s why I have you, eh.” You smiled nervously.
“Huh?” The crimson eyes didn’t shift from their original deadpan position, it was like they were staring into your soul, reading you like a book.

Eventually, he shrugged and broke the silence.
“It’s just a dumb celebrity crush. But hey, you could at least give me my snuggle whilst you watch it!” He said, faking hurt.
You rolled your eyes.
“Oh god you know just how to play me,” you laughed, and grabbed the remote, flopping onto the sofa and Gintoki whilst simultaneously pressing play.

It didn’t take long for you to slip back into your obsessive state, cut of from the rest of the world. But even if you wouldn’t answer questions, Gintoki was fine as long as you stayed right by his side.

Your Gintama boyfriend according to your sign:

Aries: Kondo Isao

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Taurus: Itou Kamotarou

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Gemini: Hijikata Toshiro

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Cancer: Shimura Shinpachi

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Leo: Ketsuno Seimei

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Virgo: Sakata Ginatki

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Libra: Toujou Ayumu

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Scorpio: Kamui Yato

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Sagittarius: Okita Sougo

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Capricorn: Sakamoto Tatsuma

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Aquarius: Katsura Kotarou

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Pisces: Takasugi Shinsuke

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bless you for this blog, can I ask for cuddle headcanons of kyuubei, gintoki, katsura, and kamui?

I`m so sorry, I don`t feel ready enough for writing about kyuubei yet :( But I`ll keep practicing and will do it later. Hope this is ok

*Most of your cuddle sessions will be on the couch while watching TV together (kick him if he starts to praise Ketsuno Ana). He`ll be lying on his back, one hand stroking your lower back lazily, and you will be lying on him
*Will often fall asleep like this, drooling in his sleep
* He’s a real human heater. It`s very comfortable in winter but in summer it feels like hell  
*When he has nightmares (not so rare) his grip on you becomes almost painful 

*Prefers to face you while your cuddle sessions because in this position he can shower your face with soft kisses
*And he LOVES when you are sitting on his lap
*Always stroking your thighs (Sorry he`s just a thighsman for me) and intertwine his fingers with yours
*If you massage his scalp and he`ll be almost purring 

*Definetly a big spoon
*Always wraps his arms and legs around your body
*Kamui is really possesive and really into PDA. So he`s hugging you in public places where anyone could see you it`s not unusual
*But if someone dares to glance at you he`ll look at this poor guy with his usuall smile saying “What are you staring at? I`ll kill ya”
*And his grip will become tighter… And tighter… And tighter… You`ll have to remind him that you can`t handle all of his strength (or he`ll just crush you accidentally)

I hope you`ll like it and I didn`t dissapoint you

Sorachi grades his characters (from Gintama-kun ayumi)

100 points: Okita Mitsuba, Kedomaru, Pandemonium-san, Nobume Imai, Yamada Asaemon

95 Points: Otose

90 Points: Okada Nizou, Sakata Kintoki

85 points: Hasegawa, Kondo Isao, Katerine, Hatori Zenzo, Matsudaira Katakuriko, Tokugawa Shige Shige, Housen, Chinpirako, Sasaki Isaburo

80 points: Katsura Kotaro, Elisabeth, Henpeita Takechi, Abuto, Doromizu Jirochou, 

75 points: Kagura, Shimura Tae, Okita Sougo, Sarutobi Ayame, Takasugi Shinsuke, Tama, Kawakami Bansai, Tsukuyo, Hajime Obi, Mutsu

70 points: Hijikata Toshiro,Terakado Tsuu, Sakamoto Tatsuma, Matako, Yagyuu Kyubei, Itou Kamo, Seita, Kamui, Ketsuno Seimei, Oboro, Yoshida Shoyo

65 points: Sakata Gintoki, Jiraya

60 points: Leukocytes King

55 points: Shimura Shinpachi

50 points: THe characters from the 2nd year

30 points: Saito Shimaru

20 points: Toujo Ayumu

Nothing: Yamazaki Sagaru

I think my younger-self just trolled me. I found a (very, very) old blog with fics ideas and OCs. I apparently created a kid for Sasuke and Sakura (hey, I was twelve, abusive relationships weren’t a thing for me at the time) and here is what I wrote:

Name: Uchiha Ketsuno
Age: 17 years old
Parents: Sakura and Sasuke
He has his father’s personality, he’s cold and aloof, antisocial but has a girlfriend anyway.

Curious to know why 12-year-old me picked Ketsuno as a first name, I quickly look it up on


Well done, 12-year-old me, well done.

ginhiji headcanons

  • gintoki always gets jealous seeing how respectfully hijikata treats kondo
  • hijikata always gets jealous seeing how excited gintoki gets during ketsuno ana’s weather reports
  • shinpachi and kagura and sougo all know about their relationship but they have to pretend to be shocked every time they accidentally walk in on them
  • hijikata holds down his drink better and generally drinks less than gintoki, so he always ends up helping gintoki home
  • hijikata has 0 problems with being uke, but if gintoki teases him about being a bottom he’ll refuse him sex for weeks and at the same time he’ll insist he isn’t angry but “just busy” when gintoki desperately tells him he didn’t mean it
  • when they haven’t seen each other for a while gintoki buys a pack of the cigarettes hijikata buys and he smokes them to remember his scent
  • if hijikata is sitting on a couch there is a 100% chance gintoki will fall asleep with his head on hijikata’s lap
  • when hijikata was busy with work gintoki stood in line for 6 hours to get tosshi an anime figure that had recently gone on sale
  • hijikata isn’t very good at blowjobs but gintoki gets turned on anyway just because it’s him
  • Otose: Sakata Gintoki... How do I begin to explain Sakata Gintoki?
  • Sacchan: Gin-san is flawless.
  • Zura: He has three pairs of normal clothes and one silver scooter.
  • Madao: I hear his hair's naturally permed.
  • Mutsu: I hear he does ice cream commercials... in his dreams.
  • Hijikata: His favorite movie is My Neighbor Pedro.
  • Shinpachi: One time he met Ketsuno Ana at a park...
  • Kagura: - and she told him she doesn't mind one or two bangs.
  • Nobunobu: One time he punched me in the face... it was awesome.