ketsu's art

New Star Wars Rebels episode - out now! Written by Jeremy Barlow, artwork by yours truly - Ammon IV, a remote, hot and deserted planet in the outer rim. A bounty hunter, a bunch of gangsters and a renegade contract killer… one gets caught by his past, one gets hot under his helmet and another one hits the wrong button - this is what real showdowns are made of. Oh, the bounty hunter? Her name is Ketsu Onyo.


The story of twisted love now closes its curtains.

Happy birthday Erin!!  [4/7]

This is Jagger and Silver with their kiddo Ridge!  The poses come from a stock photo on google because i couldn’t think of anything cute for them to do with their kiddo together, so why not lay on the ground???  I would have drawn up grass and stuff but THERE IS NONE IN THE WOLF REALM

there are so many question marks with this picture ;;  I don’t know exactly what you meant by Jagger’s hair darkening so!!!  I also don’t know how tan he’s supposed to be ptbtbithtt  I hope it is to ur liking erin!!

OK SO awhile back my friend Pik drew a lot of pictures of me as Kaoru!Kao [my alias is Kaoru, so she would draw me as the character it originated from].  But while she did this she also drew Kaoru!me as a pokemon trainer!  ;v;

I really like the outfit and stuff so I decided that if I have a trainer!me, that’s it |D
idk i felt like drawing me with a trapinch ok dont judge me
everyone can suck it trapinch is such a cute looK AT IT

anyway yeah thats this
art block is eating me guys ive been stuck in an artblock for months ashdjksahjdk sorry for all the crappy art

Key visual for a special event “Durararash!!”. June, 18.

Participants: Hiro Shimono,Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, Yuuki Ono and others.