ketosis pilaris


so today i’m choosing to ignore the deep, painful chest cough and muscle aches which are keeping me from doing any sort of exercise (the 2.5 mile bike ride home was excruciating).

instead, boys and girls, let’s talk about ketosis pilaris! also known as “chicken skin,” (GROSS), ketosis pilaris refers to those little bumps you get on your thighs and backs of your arms. it looks bad, feels worse, and it’s basically a huge bummer. i’ve been self-conscious of the backs of my thighs for as long as i can remember because of all the nasty bumps i get. so a few weeks i did some research and decided to put an end to my shitty skin.

only a few days after coming up with a regimen, my skin looked better. two weeks later, the bumps are the exception and not the rule. I’M SMOOOOOTH! basically, you have to exfoliate like a mother fucker, then moisturize like your life depends on it. in the morning, i use a dry brush (first pic) on my entire body, then i apply self-tanner (second pic), then i use normal lotion. before showering at night, i dry brush again. in the shower, i use an exfoliating body wash along with this awesome japanese scrubby cloth (third pic). the final step is to use this expensive lotion called amlactin (fourth pic) on the areas where the ketosis pilaris is the worst. then i moisturize all over with normal lotion.

hopefully this post will help anybody who is fed up with their bumpy skin… doing all this junk is annoying, but the boost in confidence is worth it. :)