attempted a sock bun today, only to realize that my hair is way too long and way too thick for a cute bun. i ended up with a HUGE bun on my head. lol but i still liked it :) 

& i was using the scarf to keep my flyaways and baby hair out of my face while I did hair and makeup, i also happen to think i look cute. wassup. haha 

For @oliviatheking

since i fail at tumblr ask and fanmail. this is the only option i have lol.

1.       I wash my face typically twice a day: morning and night. but it really depends on what i do on a daily basis. i always wash it after the gym. try not to sleep in your makeup. just basic cleanliness. i alsotry to not sit around the house with makeup on, always wash when you get home from work or school. moisturizing is also a key factor in having good skin!

2.       I alternate my foundations depending on the condition of my skin, or the season of the year. I have  dry combination + break out prone skin. So I different products in the  summer than in the winter because my skin gets really dry in the winter.This winter I am using Revlon color stay foundation with MAC msf powder. In the summer I use MakeUp Forever foundation with Chanel translucent powder.

3.       My facial washes change all the time. I am always on the search for something good. But I do have products that I love. Like keihls and Clinique for department store brands.  Some drugstore brands that I like are neutrogena  (the natural one) and aveeno products are great.

The most important thing is to be able to recognize what your skin type is, then choose your products and routine based on your skins needs.