Omaha’s hip-hop collective Midtown Marauders bring to life a vision of the early 90’s that was once revived in the early 2000’s. Their smooth, casual flow along with their jazzified beats brings about a breath of fresh air in Omaha’s hip-hop community that has been long-absent in this neck of the woods. Since last year they’ve filled a handful of stages in Omaha and Lincoln — and now the internet with their debut track “Return of Pancho Villa.” Check out the track here.

Tonight marks the second installment of the Good Speakers with with Darren Keen’s Bad Speler + Kobrakyle & Kethro at the House of Loom. Keen says that he is working on remastering all of his Bad Speler material for tonight’s performance, which is sure to leave a memorable mark. Keen has also been releasing a new, original track each Thursday that is accompanied by a music video. Last week, he remixed a Whitney Houston song that is pretty wild. To check out this song along with the rest of his weekly’s, click here.

DROPPING TODAY IS A NEW Kethro X Conchance TRACK “COUTH”. I remember walking into Keith’s home studio when he first started the beat. Now the composition has come to full fruition being blessed by Conny’s bars. Get yourself a nice system to bump this. Also a neck brace


My homie Kethro and I are djing for a small hip hop/ art show. The promoter wanted to make preview videos. Here’s Kethro doing his thing on the 1’s and 2’s


This one I made while in Mexico last year. Homie Kethro helped me out with a bassline that I chopped up. Bummed about losing this one. Had some fine ideas for it….


If you havent heard this yet. Please press play. There is much meaning in this song. This is for the kids. This is for the kids who forget too much.
produced by Kethro, words by Conchance

The song is called Couth. The song is about Couth. Is couth subjective like success? Yes. Who judges your couth? For the art work we found one of my mega babe crushes whom you wouldnt think would ever have these photos done. Is she uncouth for doing so? no. Who is to judge? Society, mom, dad, teacher, or sister? Who gives one fuck? Not her. The placement of Couth over her eyes protects her identity and also gives direction to what the song is about, couth. It could of been a 1000 different photos but this is the route i took. I am not trying to sell sex. I am only putting up a picture that applies in so many ways to the song itself. Is it uncouth for me to use this picture? If that is what one asks themselves then i have used the right picture. I am not insulting women or selling boobs but a much more social experience.”    - Conchance