The Signs as Chip Flavors
  • Aries: spicy jalapeño
  • Taurus: bacon
  • Gemini: prawn cocktail
  • Cancer: original/sea salt
  • Leo: barbecue
  • Virgo: honey mustard
  • Libra: sour cream and onion
  • Scorpio: ranch
  • Sagittarius: ketchup
  • Capricorn: salt and vinegar
  • Aquarius: dill pickle
  • Pisces: salt and pepper

kittylove4ever246  asked:

Chip preference? And how much sleep do you get? God im so selfish I ask all these questions and dont consider how my mama is doing!! How are you, how is life? I hope you feel a lot better!!

Mama’s doing good so far, a bit cranky these days ;P But I’ll be fine :) Also there were once chips with Ketchup and Mayonnaise flavor and those were the real deal yo!

i miss ten so much i hopes hes alright and eats well and changed his spongebob underwear that johnny gave him on his bday and listens to im yours by jason mraz and is happy and well😔 ten if youre out there i have ketchup flavored chips in the shape of a bears head if youre hungry ill send it to you w my hyper velocity powers so youre okay…… FLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING knock knock jessi here open the door pussyboy here are the chips