ketchup love

  • Jimin: Where's TaeTae?
  • Suga: Probably on his way to hell.
  • Jimin: Why?
  • Suga: He fucking dropped ketchup on Jungkooks shirt.
  • Jimin: ...
  • ----
  • Jimin: I will kill myself, because you killed TaeTae. We will always be best friends. After we're died we will be ghost friends and scare out the shit of you!
  • Taehyung: Jimin, calm down. I had to just buy him fucking 10 new white shirts, but i'm still alive.
  • Jimin: Thanks god!
  • Taehyung: Do you want cuddle?
  • Jimin: Yeah.
  • Jungkook: Seriously...would i ever be the second one in this shit?
  • Suga: Yeah.

Well, that’s a prank gone right.

Explanation: A few months back someone asked @underversesans whether Cross liked eating chocolate with ketchup. The answer was ‘no’; something along the lines of ‘it’s too disgusting even for Cross’. So I immediately did the most reasonable thing ever: got some chocolate and ketchup and tried that mix — and, guess what? It tastes awesome!

Cross Sans and Underverse belong to @jakei95

Ink belongs to @comyet (though the looks and behavior in this comic are based on the Underverse version)

every western article/documentary/thinkpiece on kpop is always the same lame shit its all like Kpop Groups Are Just Mass-Produced, Cookie Cutter, and Fake Robots with 5 different links to various 2009 2ne1 and bigbang located-in-a-box-with-neon-outfits mvs and then always somehow finding a way to mention how apparently Strange It Is For Boys To Be Wearing Eyeliner like we get it……. u cant handle sauces spicier than ketchup and u love the beatles……….