ketchup love


Well, that’s a prank gone right.

Explanation: A few months back someone asked @underversesans whether Cross liked eating chocolate with ketchup. The answer was ‘no’; something along the lines of ‘it’s too disgusting even for Cross’. So I immediately did the most reasonable thing ever: got some chocolate and ketchup and tried that mix — and, guess what? It tastes awesome!

Cross Sans and Underverse belong to @jakei95

Ink belongs to @comyet (though the looks and behavior in this comic are based on the Underverse version)

  • Aries: Hot sauce, because white people hate you.
  • Taurus: Hollandaise sauce because u fancy
  • Gemini: Relish because people either hate u or love u
  • Cancer: Ranch cuz u thick n creamy
  • Leo: Ketchup. Everyone loves u except the people that don't
  • Virgo: Salt. Minimalist but a little goes a long way
  • Libra: Cocktail sauce because ur also fancy as hell
  • Scorpio: Mustard because u weird and no one really knows what ur made of
  • Sagittarius: Tzatziki cus ur exotic but still white
  • Capricorn: Sour cream bc ur all business for salad but still good for other things
  • Aquarius: Nacho cheese sauce because u weird fam
  • Pisces: Barbecue sauce cus ur a mess and all over the place

Sans and Papyrus are enjoying their first snow on the surface with Nice Cream (and ketchup).

I love that winter has pretty much become Undertale season for me and many friends of mine, since this was the season most of us played the game. The OST is a large part of my holiday playlist >w> Whenever I am out and it’s snowing I always got the Snowdin music playing and think of my fav Skelebros <3 I know this is a bit late, but I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!

The surface is GREAT… You humans have so many varieties of ketchup, I can’t wait to try them all!

Photo inspired by @linssins ‘s drawing (below), which has over 29k notes!!!

This was by far one of my most favorite photos to shoot… Ahhh the looks I got…

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“Calum and nia”
“Crystal and michael”
“Rena and michael”
“Rena and calum”
All these 5sos rumors making me swerve into Ketchup’s lane smh


I started thinking about what if event of Undertale happened in ancient Thailand, or it was put in Thai folk tale universe.

In many Thai folk tales, world was divided in three parts. There’re heaven, human world and underground (or undersea). The underground city was ruled by the giants, or some legends said the Nagas.

There’ll be about a child who found the way to underground by accident, but they met various kinds of monsters instead of giants or Nagas.

I’ll name it UnderThai AU.

Reiji: Father’s day will be coming up this year. What shall we do for a gift?

Ayato: How about we get that man the same thing he gets us for our birthday every year?

Shu: Nothing?

Ayato: Yeah.


Zack: I love ketchup. *squirts a large amount of ketchup into his mouth* “Its my favorite thing in the world.”

Alex: *making the grossest of faces* “It’s tangy.”

i--fucking-love--ketchup  asked:

Heyo!! I love your animations and wanna be as awesome as you are some day! My question is: could you show us how you make a rig in toonboom? I've seen others do it but none of them are cool as yours (especially your taako one). So yeah. I love you bye!

haha aww thanks ! the next tutorial I’m going to do is rigging basics and im going to cover a few things I do with my rigs , but i cant stress this enough


a good rig makes animation easier, sure, depending on the work flow..but a few people would tear their hair out using one of my rigs - it is not work place or production friendly by any means.  it does what i need to in a limited capacity because I am used to doing A LOT of things by eye. In the end its traditional animation principles that make animation look good or ‘smooth’ . Arcs , timing , offset , squash and stretch , proportions and volumes..ect ! 

I will totally 100% share my knowledge on how to start off with making rigs , and its super on my list of things to do…but I dont want people to think that my rigs are magic , its all in how you use them and TBH you could probably find better explanations on the actual toonboom website haha . I will for sure be uploading a video on them probably within the next two weeks..maybe this coming up long weekend. 

All Time Low expectation vs reality
  • Alex Gaskarth expectation: Suave charismatic singer with fantastic hair.
  • Alex Gaskarth reality: Slightly confused English boy who's probably from outer space. With fantastic hair.
  • Jack Barakat expectation: A smooth-with-the-ladies, always drunk, sexy party animal.
  • Jack Barakat reality: Spends his Saturday nights alone tweeting dick jokes. Always half naked for some reason.
  • Zack Merrick expectation: Tough mean ass fucker who could beat your ass into the ground.
  • Zack Merrick reality: Smol quiet teddy who will probably cuddle you. Loves ketchup.
  • Rian Dawson expectation: Ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here.
  • Rian Dawson reality: Massive ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here. Also Cassadee Pope's biggest fan.

Sweet potato burger: sweet potato patty, vegan cheddar, roasted zucchini, horseradish cream with beetroot (organic soy), organic sprouts, fresh tomato, corn, and homemade ketchup in a spelt bun

Vegan Love
Budapest - Hungary - Europe