Imagine Hooking Up With Arthur Ketch

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Author’s Note: So, Ketch isn’t my favorite, but since seeing how him and Mary got together, I had to write this. I know this isn’t that long, but Ketch doesn’t get anything better since I don’t like him. - Haley xx 

“Well, that was better than expected,” Ketch mumbled, running a hand through your hair.

You chuckled, “Thanks.”

You and your mother Mary have been working with the British Men of Letters, even though your brothers Dean and Sam thought you were stabbing them in the back. You worked tirelessly along with the British Men of Letters before being moved to work personally with Ketch. Ketch was annoying and Dean was right when he called him a “low-grade Christian Bale,” but you could not help being attracted to him.

The hunt you two just finished including wiping out an entire vampire nest in North Dakota. You still had some energy left in you when you got back to the hotel, so you proposed a… little arrangement between yourself and Ketch.

Ketch didn’t seem taken back by it, so here you two were, laying in his hotel bed. Ketch had his arms wrapped around you while you laid your head on his chest. You nestled your head above his heart and hummed.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Ketch asked.

“I didn’t think you had a heart,” you said.

“You don’t need a heart in this business,” Ketch commented. “You just need brains. Something I’m grateful you have. You’re not like your brothers, ya know?”

“How?” you asked, rolling your head over to look up at him.

“You’re smart; you’re working with us. Plus, you’re beautiful,” Ketch smirked.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re just trying to be a sweet talker,” you whispered, pushing yourself up to hover over Ketch.

“Is it working?” Ketch asked you.

“I’m not sure,” you muttered, bringing him into a kiss.

Socially Awkward Fool

So the coolest thing happened to me today but because I am extremely shy and socially awkward in person I blew it.

I stopped at the bank on my way home from work and I had my BMoL necklace on. The girl in front of me in line recognized the symbol and asked the usual ‘am I a Sam or Dean girl’ question. I am so damn shy in person so I awkwardly say Dean and not much else.

She starts talking about season 12 and wanted to know where I got the necklace because she’s “total British Men of Letters trash thanks to Tumblr.” I told her Etsy and gave her the shop name.

Then she asked which BMoL character I liked better and I said Ketch (of course) and she proceeds to tell me she hated him until she read this “completely amazing” fan fiction on Tumblr that “changed her opinion on him” and “captured the character better than the writers could have dreamed.” She said I should look it up and it was called Never Say Never.

I turned the brightest shade of red and I had no idea what to say. Social awkward fool that I am I just nodded.

She got called up to the teller and then left so I don’t even know her Tumblr name.

So Columbus Never Say Never fan, I hope you see this. I should have told you it was my story and thanked you because you seriously have no idea how excited and thrilled and over the moon that encounter made me. To have someone bring my story up like that not even knowing it was mine blew my mind and I’m sorry I had no idea what to say.

I would love to apologize for being so quiet when you were so friendly.

And thank you, you have no idea how much what you said meant to me!

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Re: post-spn scoutthoughts.. Am I the only one who thinks that there's something off with mr. Ketch? He comes across as a sociopath, but.. Some things remind me of soulless!Sam.. Mr.K just seems like he can pretend to be a human a bit better than soulless!Sam.. And then there's the question: Why has the tattoo gotten so much screen time? Is it magic? A binding? Mind control? (then again, I might need to try to be a little less insane.. 'cause maybe I'm just seein things that aren't there)

hmm…you know, he’s a character that i feel has potential, and i agree with you on these things. it’d be super interesting if the BMoL removed his soul as an experiment to see if he’d just become a killing machine, because with his soul that was only thing stopping him was a filter, but he is a logical person


  • he went through an embarrassing goth stage but he’s afraid of tattoo removal
  • a Holy British Biker Gang tattoo

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