Now Or Never (Part 3)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,540
Warnings: Cussing. Magic Use.
Sequel: Part 3/? of Now Or Never

Special thanks as always to @lucis-unicorn for idea bouncing and beta work and thanks to @little-red-83 for letting me bounce some nicknames off of her.

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meganwinchester1999  asked:

Okay after having a good night sleep inbetween reading the latest chapter of No Second Chances and now, I'm still angry and after around two years (maybe longer) reading fanfic and over a year on Tumblr, this is the first time a fic has provoked any physical reaction from me as just thinking about Ketch fucking Mary gets my heart racing (definitely not in a good way) and gets me angry. That shows how brilliant you are at writing, Franzi and yeah I can't wait to read the next part.

oh damn haha please calm down I don’t want to be the reason for any heart attacks or anything like that :D

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Which Harry Potter house do think Lucifer, Gabriel, Cas, John and Ketch are in?

Hmmmmmmmm……. This is just my opinion but:

Lucifer - Slytherin

Gabriel - Gryffindor

Cas - Hufflepuff

John - Gryffindor

Ketch - Slytherin

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So serious. A girlfriend would do you some good, dear. I'm sure Toni wouldn't mind volunteering.-Rowena. Mother. (Rolls eyes.)-Crowley. What? They're obviously attracted to each other! A nice date may be just the thing for these two!-Rowena. (Clears throat and tries to stay stoic.) She is quite charming and I wouldn't be against a-a date as you call it.-Ketch. What say you, dear?-Rowena.

Of course I’d say yes. ;)  And Rowena you are now my favorite person ever.

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Tick Tock

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“Clock is ticking, darling. I do have other engagements” Ketch said impatiently, though there was a challenge hidden in his gaze. His was posture was rigid as he studied you, back straight and shoulders squared, not shifting his weight from one foot to another the way most people did. It was the posture of a man who was constantly at the ready, as if just waiting for something to happen.

You eyed him, torn between your brain screaming at you to leave and the ache between your legs begging you to stay. Your thighs pressed together slightly as you tried to subtly grant yourself some friction, wishing that your body would listen to your silent pleas of how bad of an idea this was. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Ketch and he raised an eyebrow, pursing his lips with the barest hints of a smirk as he knew you’d already lost the war with reason.

Damn him.

Turning your back to him, you ran your fingers through your hair, struggling to come up with a plausible explanation to give Sam and Dean when you inevitably got back much later than you’d promised. You didn’t even hear Ketch come up behind you until his body forced yours up against the wall in front of you, pining you there as his lips came up beside your ear.

“Not to rush you of course, love, but as I said, I do have other engagements” he breathed into your ear, nimble fingers already having unfastened to your pants as he eased them over the curve of your ass. His remarkably smooth, but strong hands kneaded at the mounds of your backside as you huffed a laugh, trying to hide how flushed and excited you were getting.

“Isn’t telling a girl that you’re ‘in a rush’ just a lame way to cover that you can’t last very long?” you teased, forcing your breathing to remain steady, even as your heart thundered in your chest.

In a flash of movement, Arthur snatched your arm and spun you, clasping your biceps as he pinned you facing him against the wall, fixing you with a level glare. His eyes narrowed slightly as if he were trying to ascertain whether you were being serious to merely toying with him, though regardless of the reason, he was certain to prove you wrong.

And that was exactly what you were hoping for…

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Hot Tub and Scotch

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Words: 770

Warnings: Alcohol, drunk reader, drunk ketch, gentle smut

Note: Requested by @faith-in-dean for my Fic Prompt Game! (Ketch x Reader, hot tub, drinks) I’m still accepting prompts for the game if you’d like to send some in! Happy Reading!

Deciding to take the weekend off, you’d bought a couple bottles in a variety of alcohol and brought them back to the bunker. With two giant brown paper bags in your arms, you sauntered through the library and set them on the table.

“(Y/N)! Did you know there is a freakin’ hot tub back here?” Dean’s excited howl came from down the hall. He finally was able to unlock a door to a room that was warded up since you all discovered the bunker.

“Fuck,” you stated under your breath, “I forgot the scotch!” Just then a loud knock came from the entrance door. “Damn it, Sam. Did you forget your keys?”

You opened the door haphazardly, already assuming it would be Sam. To your surprise, the arrogant British Men of Letters guy that aggravated you endlessly stood at the door with his hands behind his back.

“Hello, love.” He smirked and leaned against the door frame. Fuck. You hated that his shirt and jacket were so tight on him. He may have been a dick, but damn he had a good body.

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