Singapore Creepypasta #10: An Interesting Story From My Uncle, Who Served The Singaporean Army For 20 Years

Length: Medium

Here in Singapore enlistment is mandatory. For my uncle, I’m sure they were trying to do whatever they could to kick the old man out.

All of my family call him “Uncle Ketam” since he found a well-deserved ‘crab’ on his epaulette. Being a senior officer means you earn the privilege to wear the National Coat of Arms on your epaulette, and Singapore’s coat of arms has a shape similar to the common crab, or ‘ketam’ in Malay.

Before he tells us another story when all his niece and nephews gather, the first announcement would be to command our 1st Warrant officer, (my little brother) to fetch him a glass of water, and his second would be to tell all of us “He’s seen everything that one sees in the army”.

He finds himself repeating many stories, but every scary story he tells us from the army feels just as terrifying.

“Back in those times, ah, we camp in the middle of Malaysia and we all don’t have ration manager. Only senior staff say how much each unit should have in storage house but if you wake up late or you make trouble to the team - they all steal your food, lah. Before that night, they all make me run. We had to run around a village instead of cutting through so we were all very tired, especially me since I woke up late so I never ate any meal.

After that, since I slow everyone down, our sergeant make us run 2 more round because of me. Bloody idiots put rocks in my pack and stole my food.” He said, collecting himself before swearing more at the men who stole his food. “I was very hungry and annoyed because I know we have to run around another village tomorrow and I did not have enough to eat.“

“So at night, I said to my buddy I’ll go out and cut durians outside the camp. My buddy also never eat much. So we both left our rifle the camp and took our combat knife. We were prepared to kill our commander if he found us!” He joked. 

“We walked and walked until we were out of the camp. We dug a hole and then shit on it!” he laughed. We were all laughing too but no one asked why since we already knew. Our Uncle Ketam’s told us this story before. “If we light up our torch and a unit notices the whole army will think we are infiltrated. But the smell of our shit was pungent enough for us to know we are near home!” he said after a pause. His childish laughter made it clear that was the favourite part of the story for him.

"So we set out and walked until we found the nearest durian tree. I climb up, durian tree very easy to climb. Many branches. But this one not many branch. Have to cut into the tree to make steps. I climbed and climbed, then see smoke. Smoke in village is your best friend. It means two things. One - a unit run outside camp and is trying to make coffee or soup, if you report him, your entire week no hunger or thirst. Two - there is a village hunter who is curing or cooking meat. All of them are very friendly and will give you food and water.”

“I told my buddy and I climb down the tree to follow the smoke. We were there, but nobody else was. My buddy was getting tired since it was very dark and late. We decided to head back and see if we can find some other fruit on our way back. We walked and traced our steps to camp. Then suddenly I saw a young girl. She was like my age and she so beautiful, lah. It was like she was hiding behind a tree. 

It was dark but you can see her face very clearly, except for her eyes because she kept looking down. She wore the kampung body (meaning she wore a cheap cotton traditional robe) which meant she must be the wife of a hunter. So I greeted her in Malay. I say ‘Hello!’ She smiles and laughs. She must know we were trying to find durian but could not find it! So she point at another tree further way from camp. I followed her and she was dancing as she led the way. I climbed up the tree.” Uncle Ketam said. He stared into my little brother’s eyes, emotionless.

"Then I just realised. Where is my buddy? I looked down the tree immediately and he was flashing his torchlight and screaming.” “COME HERE, COME HERE, DONT HIT THE TREE DONT HIT THE TREE, COME HERE COME HERE.” He threw stones at the camp to alert the guards and shouted and screamed loud in the distance so the whole camp was awake: “COME HERE COME HERE.” 

Then, I noticed our Commander came out of the building. He started swearing in Chinese and shouting chants of some sort to awake the guards! My buddy betrayed me for more food! I was angry. I wouldn’t come back until I get my durian. I took out my knife until I realised the durian had no smell. And there were insects crawling around my neck from my hands. IT WAS A NEST!” He jumped.

“I screamed because the insects could be poisonous in the jungle! My buddy kept screaming and shouting at me until I fell off the tree. He carried me back and quickly put me inside the camp. My buddy was a man fearless in the army, one of the most respected basic unit. But he was crying and crying, with a knife in his hand and his pants drenched in urine. I asked him why. He said I was talking to the nest and followed an insect to a tree! He said he was screaming the minute he heard me sing and dance as I ran away from him.”

Our commander immediately came outside and scolded the both of us. “If you ran the other way, you would fall right into the Pontianak.” 

I was confused. I said “What do you mean?”

My commander whispered to us “Now you know why we make you run around the villages.”

Credits to: nahbroimgoodlol


Hasil nukilan Alif dari Manchester

Seumur hidup saya, tidak pernah saya impikan untuk dapat benda yang paling baik dan paling mahal yang ada di dunia ini sbb logically ianya mustahil. Tapi ada offer yang kata kita boleh dapat itu semua, malah lebih baik itu. Itulah offer yang nabi guarantee sperti mana sabdanya:

“Demi Allah, jikalau Allah memberikan petunjuk kepada seseorang disebabkan kamu, maka itu lebih baik untukmu daripada unta-unta merah.” Hadith muttafaq alaih.

Ahad lepas, saya berpeluang untuk turut serta dalam ‘Street Dakwah’ di Liverpool anjuran seorang brader MAB, Usamah namanya. Hampir setiap minggu, brader Usamah ni akan buka table di sekitar perkarangan Primark untuk menyampaikan article-article berkaitan the purpose of life. Dan selalunya, abg Remy yang kita semua kenal akan ke’sempoi’annya akan setia ikhlas membantunya.

Pagi itu, saya terasa sgt malas utk turut serta sbb workloads yang sgt banyak. Namun atas pujukan King dan janjinya yang kami akan balik ke Manchester sejurus selepas zohor, saya pon on. Azam drive kami ke sana, about 40 minutes je dari Manchester. Sampai je kat Saxony Road (rumah ikhwah Liverpool) kami dapat text dari Remy, informing us that the street dakwah mungkin dibatalkan sebab hujan yang sgt lebat. Huh, lega, boleh balik awal. Sebelum berangkat pulang ke Manchester, Hakim sempat menjamu kami nasi goreng yang dia masak utk adik-adik usrahnya.

X lama selepas itu hujan mulai reda. Kami dapat text dari Remy. Remy kata street dakwah on. Kami pon bergegas ke Liverpool city centre. Di sana we met brader Usamah and at that time he was alone, giving away as many leaflets as he can. Before kami mula, Remy yg dah 10 kali join brader Usamah bagi briefing sket kat kami bagaimana nak mulakan perbualan dgn target group sambil edarkan leaflet. Kami disuruh berpecah ke kawasan yang berhampiran utk edarkan leaflet. Tapi saya stay di table sbb masih x yakin utk memulakan langkah pertama.

Then I saw a makcik, sitting alone while watching people passing by. Saya datang ke arahnya dan minta izin utk duduk di sebelahnya. Saya bertanya kabar dan memperkenalkan diri. Ini steps yang saya belajar ketika mengikuti satu dakwah training ‘Call of Duty’ anjuran IERA. Saya hulurkan leaflet yang ada di tangan saya kepadanya tapi dia dah pon dapat, Amir bagi. Saya mula bertanya kepadanya tentang tuhan and as she replied, makcik ni percaya akan wujudnya tuhan, dan dia percaya bahawa tuhan tu satu, bukan 3, bukan banyak. Kiranya fikrah dia tentang tuhan tu dah settle. Suddenly dia kata yang dia x tau nak buat apa dgn tuhan yang dia percaya, memang nampak iras wajahnya dan body languagenya yang dia betul2 x tau. Kat sinilah saya cucuk dia dgn persoalan tujuan hidup kita as a servant of allah. Sampailah keluar kata-kata ni dari mulut dia: “I have no idea why I sit here at the first place but now I know. God wants to send somebody to explain this to me, and he sends you”. Saya tergamam, meremang bulu roma beb. Masyaallah. Saya terus lost, x tau nak cakap apa dah. Cetek giler skill utk dakwah to non-muslim ni. Saya pon panggil brader Usamah utk one to one talk dgn Lea. Btw, nama makcik tu Lea.

Then saya pergi ke arah Hakim, yg mana dia tgh borak dgn sorang lagi makcik. Tapi makcik ni berbeza. She admitted that she is a cristian tapi bersangka buruk dgn tuhan. dia kata dia x percaya kat tuhan sbb tuhan biarkan saja org hidup merana, kanak-kanak been abused, terrorism berleluasa. One thing yang menarik is dia addressed tentang social problem yang berlaku dalam masyarakat hari ni, specifically sikap tamak dan sex. Dia kata 2 benda ni la yang jadik sources kepada problem masyarakat hari ini. Huh, sangat susah utk conviencekan makcik ni tentang tuhan. Kita cakap dua patah, dia bantai kita balik sampai saya give up. Saya fikir, “better aku pegi approach orang lain rather than layan org macam ni”. Tapi Hakim x mudah menyerah kalah, dia terus sabar dok dengar celoteh makcik ni.

Tiba-tiba, brader Usamah panggil saya, minta saya lead Lea utk ucap syahadah. Saya tergamam sekali lagi. Masyaallah subhanaallah. Saya panggil remy, minta dia utk ajar syahadah kat Lea. I stood close to Lea. Once dah selesai, Lea rasa sgt gembira sampaikan dia bangun utk peluk saya. Saya tergamam dua kali lagi..haish. Bila makcik Lea sedar yang dia terover excited, dia duduk balik. I asked her about her feeling. She said she feel free.
Then I said to her, “in islam, there is this one concept, we call it brotherhood or sisterhood. Now, you are my sister and I am your brother”. Menitis air matanya bila dengar saya cakap begitu. Then saya tanya dia kenapa dia nangis, n dia bisik kat telinga saya, “I don’t want to be alone anymore”. T_T

At the same time, brader Usamah tgh conviencekan makcik sorang lagi utk masuk islam dan alhamdulillah terbuka juga hatinya utk menjadi muslim.
Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah 1x10^1000000. Itulah saat dan hari yang paling menggembirakan bagi kami. For me personally, ada satu rasa lain yang dapat saya rasa dalam diri saya, satu rasa keinsafan yang mana allah kurniakan utk saya bersyukur kepadanya. I thank allah sbb bagi kami peluang utk melalui pengalaman yang x ternilai harganya sbb kalau dulu, just tengok orang masuk islam kat masjid or kat youtube, tapi kali ni kami sendiri merasai peluang membawa orang lain mencari hidayahNya. Satu perasaan dan pengalaman yang tiada tolok bandingnya. Masyaallah.

Moga allah terima amal-amal kita dan doa-doa kita.
Moga allah ampunkan dosa-dosa kita dan letakkan kita dalam kalangan org yang soleh.