Half Ounce of Ketanest-S brand Ketamine. This is the S-isomer, not the racemate. 

If you look closely, you can see the rod like shape of the crystals, which is typical of S-Isomer crystallization, whereas the Racemic crystallizes into more of little beads/crumb-shaped crystals.

Ketamine. My favorite drug. Got this on top of my Valium ampules.

Love my little tooter. Makes insufflation a viable portable option.

On the left we have a gram of Hindu Kush and on the right a gram of Bubbleberry

Smoking weed while your teetering on the edge of a k-hole is AMAZING.

d*rling, my only necessity

“no one deserves

you don’t you see that

and you’ve never needed love

I’ve never seen you crave it

or need it to be happy

you don’t need anything”


my ketalar