baby kestrals and their dad (source)

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Wait! Can we see the twins and Seth and Sara all in their human-wolf form? You only drew Seth and the twins as their full-woof counterparts

set a good example seth, jeez

Today was a very good day.

Today I went with a mate and his uni friends out to Wee Jasper to fossick for some devonian fossils and found a wombat skull.
Also, saw more wildlife of the mammalian persuasion than birds which was weird.
Two wombats, three brushtailed possums, a wallaroo, a couple of grey kangaroos, a feral pig, a llama, and a small fast round brown thing that wasn’t a rabbit.
The only birds I saw were two nankeen kestrals, a peregrine falcon, little weird yellow things and a pelican that was very VERY far away.
Today was a very good day. Pictures to follow. Maybe.

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How can one differentiate who's who between the twins?

body language, language choice, and personality basically haha

kestral is usually the one to instigate roughhousing - she’s also usually the first to talk, whereas kite is more reserved (and nicer)

but they’re both pranksters and can mimic each other easily - they don’t want it to be easy for you to tell them apart ;)

Muggleborn Wizard Found Dead Behind Kenmare Pub

The body of a Muggleborn wizard was found behind the Kinky Kestral late yesterday evening. An employee of the pub discovered the body while taking out the trash shortly after closing for the establishment for the night. The body was identified this morning as that of Thomas Birchmore.

Birchmore attended the Kenmare Pub Crawl with friends on Sunday, but failed to show up for his shift at the Hogsmeade Post Office the following afternoon. Death Eater activity has not been confirmed, but it is highly suspected among the Kenmare community, despite the lack of a Dark Mark at the crime scene. Aurors are also investigating the individuals who accompanied Birchmore to the Pub Crawl and several other witnesses, but no suspects have been named as of yet.

Mr. Birchmore was a Gryffindor alumnus, having graduated from Hogwarts in June of 1977.

Aurors ask that anyone with information about this case please contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement immediately.