Merle: You guys really want to run away? You don’t want to fight? You have magic! You have offensive magic!

Taako: I wanna tell you a story about the time that there were three ogres, right? And then one of them hit me so hard I almost died. You were sitting up in some weird laser, just shooting flasks willy-nilly, and Travis was ripping the arms off of robots, and I got punched so hard I almost died! I’m not gonna go toe-to-toe with a crab while you’re armed with a terrible Scottish accent and Travis doesn’t even have his shield! I’m out!- Did I say Travis? I meant Leeman Kessler.


I love Parks and Rec and I love Six of Crows so look at that I threw them together

i’m simultaneously sorry but also not sorry that this is my first contribution to this fandom (also this is the first time i’ve ever drawn any of them so i beg forgiveness)

From Season 3 Episode 13  of Parks and Recreation

(this was cut and pasted from a super long comic strip type deal so sorry for weird lines)