10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ: The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

  1. No rush Romance. First things first. If you are scared this will be your typical “I will do anything for you person I have known for 2 weeks!” kind of romance you are in for such a pleasant surprise. Arin and Kestrel have, well i can’t say normal romance, but it is certain that they are some of the most level headed characters you will ever read in YA.
  2. Princess falls for the Slave. I know, I know, typical. But while it may be a bit cliche it works so amazingly well! Ketrel is a General’s daughter who has everything she could possibly want right? Nope. And the hapless slave who is intrigued by his new master’s kindness.. right? HA NO! 
  3. AWESOME Female LeadKestrel. What I love about this charater is that she is realistic. Can she fight? YEAH! But she isn’t some prodigy to be feared like most authors would make a female lead be. Kesrel’s true talent is her mind (also her music..), she is a strategist and when you combine strategy and skill in one?? We get an awesome Character. Also she doesn’t want to get married. Which is “trope??” Nah. IF you had the choice of. Get married or go to the army. And you kinda suck at the army and all the eligible dudes are??? I wouldn’t want to get married either.
  4. Betrayals. This book has betrayals left and right. Which really keeps the plot going. Who betrays who? Who has the upper hand?? Basically it is like a large real life game of bite and sting.
  5. Balls and Gowns.  Don’t worry. This book is full of girly stuff Okay, you caught me, I lied. But there are Parties! And gossip and pretty dresses. (which might I add, Kestral hates. And not because of the cliche “ make and girly stuff is stupid” But because of “I would much rather be in ym room playing music”)
    And a lot of plot gets revealed here! Never skip a party guys.
  6. Friends to Lovers. Snort. Yeah Right. Are they even really friends? Or is it all a ploy on one persons side to get information needed?… Guess you will have to read it to find out.
  7. War and Slavery! So post war. Now all of the Valorian’s have enslaved the Herrani..yada. yada. Kestrel *gasp* buys, Arin the slave for a ridiculous amount of money and they become friends *YEAH RIGHT* No they have to build that trust. And that trust is built on?? GAMES! BITE & STING.
  8. Realistic portrayal of developing relationships. You know how a lot of stories like the whole trope of “star-cross lovers” thing? And somehow love will make everything better no matter what? Yeah screw that. This book. THIS BOOK. Is amazing at portraying a developing relationship. 
    Arin, who is a slave, doesn’t just trust Kestrel just because she is nice ( which honestly happens wayy to much in stories) No, he makes her earn his trust and affection, slowly through actions.
    Kestrel doesn’t fall helplessly in love with the “dark and brooding” new slave. On the contrary. She actually forgot she even bought a slave for 2 weeks straight. But she is lonely so she earns his trust through actions and games and observing.
  9. Musically inclined characters. Lets talk about most girl YA characters. They are usually artists. WHICH IS AWESOME yeah, but what ever happened  to music? Why is it always the guy who can play the piano??
    In this story Kestrel LOVES music, that was really the only reason she bought Arin. Kestrel plays the Piano, something that was a herrani thing to do. Arin sang… though he isn’t very happy about it.
  10. Remember when I said Post-War?. I was lying. Plot is happening in so many directions in this book it is amazing!