Ming Dynasty Daoist Robe

Medium: Silk and metallic thread tapestry weave (kesi)

The poncho-like jiang yi (绛衣 Daoist ceremonial robe) is worn for particular ceremonies by high-ranking Daoist priests. Boldly tapestry-woven with writhing five-clawed dragons on a red ground clutching a yinyang symbol.The lower band features dragons with trigrams on a golden-yellow ground. The sleeve and neck bands are later replacements. (source)

Out the Gate of Thal

Kesi bit into her freshly won prize. The apple had been from a cart that had been passing out the Gate of Thal, surely the merchant wouldn’t notice his precious missing cargo until he had long since passed the city’s boundaries. ‘He looked rather pompous and over fed anyways.’ Kesi thought to herself as her swift small hands had snagged her would be breakfast. The red fruit was a treat, far better than the normal fair of semi wilted and warm veggies or grapes. Perhaps it was a lucky sign, the young Seeker believed in luck such as this, surely it meant that something good would come her way.

Today seemed to be bright and happy, a good day to make something happen. Voices bounced off the stone walls of the Sapphire Avenue as buyers and merchants haggled, retainers muttered about shopping lists, kids clinging to mother’s skirts begged for this or that. Kesi found a nice vantage point to sit and watch the day’s activities. A few empty crates stacked next to a relevantly busy merchant’s stall was sure to give the Miqo’te her daily lead. The day’s heat was starting to pick up and it was much easier to sit in the sun than to stand.  She finished her apple slowly while her eyes roamed back and forth, ears flicking at occasional pieces of conversation of passerbys that might lead to interesting things. 

She finished the apple to the core some time later and tossed the remains into one of the growing trash piles in a semi darkened corner between a couple stalls. Wiping her face with her arm she caught something out of the corner of her eye. A loud laughter carried above the crowd, drawing several pairs of eyes, all with different intentions. Many of them turned away, some with a disdainful sniff, others having lost interest, but one pair of deep dark maroon eyes followed the source. A silver haired miqo’te appeared to have been talking into the hand held up to her head, possibly a fancy pearl link, link pearl? Kesi wasn’t educated enough to know or care. The now possible target seemed to have finished her conversation and was making her way from merchant to merchant excitedly pointing at anything catching her eye and asking questions. Kesi’s eyes roamed over the woman, taking in the semi casual appearance and attitude of the woman. The Seeker eventually spotted the loosely hanging coin pouch on her waist, and ears perked up in unbidden excitement. ‘This woman looks so happy, and oh so careless, surely she has some to spare if she has nothing to worry about.’ Kesi assures herself.

The target walked off through the crowd, towards the next section of stalls, fluffy tail swinging in time with her coin pouch. Kesi jumped off her stake out place and a confident grin spread across her face. She could almost chuckle at how easy this would be, a simple bump and run and a great reward. Reaching down to dust off her lap and the backs of her thighs she hung back a few moments before following after.