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Our public education system was just sold to the highest bidder, and low-income communities of color are at risk of losing the most. DeVos’s agenda to redirect public funding for school vouchers, virtual charter schools, for-profit charter schools, unaccredited private schools, and schools that regularly discriminate against children is a direct attack on one of our country’s last universally-acknowledged public goods, education. We will continue to reject DeVos’s attempts to weaken the rights of our children and parents, and we will fiercely defend our public education.
—  Kesi Foster of the Urban Youth Collaborative and Natasha Capers of New York City Coalition for Educational Justice | Chalkbeat “New Yorkers celebrate, mourn and buckle down as Betsy DeVos is confirmed as U.S. education secretary”

Mere Jaan-O-Dil, Mery Humsafar
Koi Baat Kar, Koi Baat Kar,
Tery Lab Hilain, To Katy Safar
Koi Baat Kar, Koi Baat Kar,

Koi Bojh Hay To Utaar Dy
Koi Khouf Hay To Nikaal Dy,

Mera Haath Hay Tere Haath Par
Koi Baat Kar, Koi Baat Kar,

Nahi Yaad Kitny Baras Gaye
Teri Guftgu Ko Taras Gaye,

Meri Khirkiyaan, Mere Baam-O-Dar
Koi Baat Kar, Koi Baat Kar,

Tujhe Chup Hay Kesi Lagi Hoi
Abhi Umer To Hay Parri Hoi,

Abhi Muskura, Abhi Gham Na Kar
Koi Baat Kar Koi Baat Kar…!!

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African First Names

For anyone who needs a name that originates in an African country, but it doesn’t really matter which one.

  1. Ayo (male and female)
  2. Desta (male and female)
  3. Themba (male and female)
  4. Tinashe (male and female)
  5. Ama (female)
  6. Ayana (female)
  7. Dalila (female)
  8. Deka (female)
  9. Isoke (female)
  10. Kesi (female)
  11. Kissa (female)
  12. Zuri (female)
  13. Emeka (male)
  14. Imamu (male)
  15. Imari (male)
  16. Jaheem (male)
  17. Jelani (male)
  18. Kofi (male)
  19. Obasi (male)
  20. Zuberi (male)