Twilight Princess was the first LoZ Game I ever got to own, it has a special place in my heart and playing through the HD recently has made me ever so happy

What doesn’t make me happy is this preview right now? I can’t tell if its tumblr or my browser colour profile.. you might be looking at a much more saturated intense version of this art than what I wanted…

Oh this has a purpose! I’ll be on table 23 in the artist alley at AVCON this year! Wanted to try and get a few new works in. I haven’t done a convention in 2 years, I’m quite excited

Yooooo I’ve updated the art for my eeveelution pileup art! Again! 
I made the original in 2012
It then got a drastic revamp in 2013, and the addition of Sylveon thanks to X&Y

I’ve now just given it some updated shading, background and general feel.
I’m sure there are plenty who will prefer version 2 (and god forbid version 1) but I’m happy with this rework.