Twilight Princess was the first LoZ Game I ever got to own, it has a special place in my heart and playing through the HD recently has made me ever so happy

What doesn’t make me happy is this preview right now? I can’t tell if its tumblr or my browser colour profile.. you might be looking at a much more saturated intense version of this art than what I wanted…

Oh this has a purpose! I’ll be on table 23 in the artist alley at AVCON this year! Wanted to try and get a few new works in. I haven’t done a convention in 2 years, I’m quite excited

I made this poster for some of the Ponycon au pozible backers! It includes the VA’s characters and the 2 Ponycon mascots. To be signed by the voice actors that the pozbile campaign successfully brought down to Australia, Andrea Libman and Peter New.

I had the great honour of meeting them 3 times, first through the Artist Alley sat morning where I gave them prints of their characters. Then was able to have this poster signed by them and a photo taken with them! That was incredibly amazing, and I had my art complimented and made some small talk. I said goodbye thinking yep this is the last time I can see them.

Nope, I got to go back up to sign a copy of the poster for each of them. Pretty much speechless over the whole experience. They are such lovely people (and you can just hear Pinkie in Andrea’s accent) and I still feel as if it were a dream. 

Perfect weekend was perfect.

(btw the background is Melbourne, looking over the Yarra river with Federation Square and the arts centre)

My attempt at the new subeta pet, the Neela.

I quite like them and have one myself, despite not playing subeta these days I go back for pretty pets. Looking forward to seeing some special colours.
Also felt it best to see how this guy draws, before attempting a commission of one. Those antlers are going to be hard to fit in boxes.